8 Top Solutions for the Issue of the Taskbar not Hiding in Windows 10

 8 Top Solutions for the Issue of the Taskbar not Hiding in Windows 10

Are you being offended by a full-screen taskbar?  Will you want to get rid of this issue with more straightforward methods? If yes, then breathe joyfully, here comes the end of your quest. Today we will explore some working and most comfortable solutions for the issue of the windows 10 taskbar not hiding.

As a gaming enthusiast, you could get tired of seeing the taskbar again and again in fullscreen. You’re not the one who’s going to face this problem. It is the most common problem that windows 10 taskbar is not hiding in fullscreen as you may be experiencing it for the first time. Microsoft has revamped Windows 10 with the latest features like an Android phone. So it could be a hassle for you to solve this problem.

So follow these approaches and watch your favorite movies in full screen;

  1. Applying auto-hide option

Typically, Windows 10 sets the taskbar on the auto-hide option by default. But sometimes exploring the settings we may have mistakenly disabled it. By disabling it, you may face the issue of the windows 10 taskbar, not auto-hiding.  So no need to panic, I will tell you where to locate those settings. So follow these bullets;

  • Click on the windows icon in the left corner of the taskbar.
  • Select the setting and navigate the personalization in the settings menu.
  • After the click on personalization and scroll the page to locate the taskbar.
  • By clicking on it, you would thoroughly get an option of auto-hiding taskbar and lock taskbar.
  • Disable the lock taskbar and click on auto-hiding.

After applying this method, check your window by playing a movie or game on fullscreen. Congrats if your problem of the taskbar not hiding in full-screen windows 10. You can also reach out to the taskbar settings directly. For that purpose, click on the taskbar, and it will show an option of taskbar settings. If you still view the taskbar beneath your game, follow the next one method.

  1. Notification messages

Even after applying the auto-hiding option, sometimes it won’t hide the taskbar when you’re using the full screen. So it may be an annoying Windows 10 act. In this situation, what would you do if taskbar windows 10 is not hiding? Relax, here the next solution to this problem which is disabling notifications.

Usually, long-term use of specific applications can cause errors in hiding notification badges. Also, you might not be watching movies or playing games all the time. So you can disable app alerts by going to the In-App notification settings tab.

If you don’t want to disable application notifications, then restart your application after uninstalling it—hopefully, your problem with the windows 10 taskbar not hiding.

  1. Updating your windows 10

Usually, it starts misbehaving when the version of Windows 10 gets old.  And if your windows are not up to date, even after applying all methods, you may not get results. And the issue of the taskbar not hiding in Windows 10 persists.

So make sure your window is running in an updated version. Follow this procedure for checking updates;

  • Click the windows main menu icon and click the Settings button.
  • In this menu, you can find a choice to search for updates.
  • Click on it and make sure you have an internet connection.
  • If a new version is displayed, click to download it immediately.

When your update is complete, install it and restart your PC. Check for the issue of the windows 10 taskbar not hiding in full screen. If your problem is solved, enjoy playing games and watching movies. If you think the update didn’t solve your problem, don’t worry, maybe there is any other problem with it. Try this method;

  1. Restarting windows explorer

Windows desktop functions the same way as an IOS or Android smartphone. If we use so many applications and don’t close them, it has stopped in the background and can cause misbehavior of the applications. In this problem, we are exiting all these applications.

Similarly, you have to close windows explorer to solve the issue of taskbar windows 10, not hiding. It’s the most effortless process, and there’s more than 80% of the chances that your problem will be resolved. Then follow these instructions to restart windows explorer;

  • Right-click the taskbar and scroll down the arrow to the task manager’s choice.
  • Click on the task manager, a new box with a view to the progress of the CPU, the ram, etc.
  • On the left side of these graphs, you will find the Windows Explorer option.
  • Right-click the windows explorer option and navigate the “restart windows explorer” option.
  • By clicking on it, wait a while as all applications will be closed.

After viewing the desktop, press and play any of your games in fullscreen.

See whether the problem of the taskbar not hiding in full-screen windows 10 is solved.  As I mentioned above, there are more than 80% chances, and your issue would be resolved. If it persists in showing the taskbar in full screen follow another method.

  1. Using keyboard f11 shortcut

It’s never been easier to use a full screen without any interference. Particularly for movie lovers, playing fullscreen movies is a pleasure. But when the taskbar and mouse arrow start appearing, that’s the most annoying moment.

In this case, using the F11 key will help you stop a taskbar when watching full-screen videos. To do this, you must fill your screen by pressing F11 instead of pressing the screen icon. And I’m sure with this trick your issue of the taskbar not hiding in window 10 would not appear again.

All of the above methods are specified for easy pc use. Most people face these kinds of issues when playing movies or games online or using a browser. If you have the same issues watching videos or playing games online, follow the following approaches. And definitely, your problem of windows 10 taskbar, not hiding would be solved.

  1. Switching off hardware acceleration in chrome

Chrome is the world’s most spartan browser with a high number of users. Also, those who love to play games on the browser or watch movies on Youtube can use the Chrome browser. But even in your chrome browser full screen, you can face the issue of the taskbar not hiding in full-screen windows 10.

The most uncomplicated and most straightforward approach to this is to follow these steps to get rid of this offending problem.

  • Open your Chrome browser and right-click on the white surface of your browser.
  • There will be a list. Tap on the settings in the list below.
  • After that, a small box with three choices will appear. Without selecting any of them, press Advanced.
  • Here you can find the hardware acceleration checkbox.
  • Just uncheck it and restart your browser.

There is 100 percent satisfaction in solving the problem with this approach as the experts and bloggers most prescribe this method. So follow steps carefully to solve the problem of taskbar windows 10 not hiding.

  1. Resetting chrome Browser

A quick way of finding a solution for your issue of the taskbar not hiding in full-screen windows 10 is resetting your browser. We mess with our browser settings on rare occasions. Yet, unknowingly, certain things may be turned on or off. Reset your chrome will then return all of its settings by default.

To reset your chrome browser, the same process could be used as mentioned in the above step, after reset check if the problem has been resolved or not.

  1. Installing other browsers

You don’t need to use a single browser. Perhaps this problem remains in your chrome even after it has been reset. It is also advised you to change your internet browser and replace it with some other browser. Hundreds of browsers are available online, but some are popular including firefox, safari, and canary.

Canary is a browser specifically designed for advanced researchers or developers. There have been several bugs identified by the developers in the Chrome browser. This is why Google launched an enhanced version of chrome as a canary. So you can use canary to play games as well as watch videos. Let’s hope you don’t see the taskbar in fullscreen.


Entertainment is essential to human life. Everyone wants to play games or watch videos to have fun. Therefore if errors like the taskbar do not appear in full-screen windows 10, the most annoying condition will occur. Particularly when you want to use windows10, and the pointer is blinking again and again. So instead of losing your patience, follow the strategies mentioned above.

With the support of these tools, not only can you enjoy your favourite stuff in fullscreen, but you can also learn some new settings. So any time you try, it gives a solution as well as information. In conclusion, follow all these approaches and solve your problem to enjoy endless fun and entertainment without hindrance.

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