Know All About Animations?

 Know All About Animations?

You may have recently heard a few movies breaking box records such as Incredibles 2, Toy Story, Finding Dory and many more.

The animation is derived from the Latin word ‘animationem’ meaning “action of imparting life”. The animation is the art of using still pictures called frames to denote the illusion of motion by ordering them in continuous sequence one after another. It comprises of movement and composition of characters and objects.

Animation has evolved impressively in recent years. It is found to have originated even in 5000 BC, where shadow plays and magic lanterns were popular among audiences. The first animated film, however, is regarded as a cartoon movie released in 1906 by J. Stuart Blackton. From that time to today’s age, animation has improved and revolutionized like everything else. Today, the animation uses technology to produce masterpieces most recent of which is 3d animations or simply CGI (Computer Generated Imagery).

Animations use a variety of characters, visual effects, sounds, colors that make animation videos much more attractive and attention-seeking than normal real-life videos. The animation is used for multiple reasons in recent years with the increase of its popularity. Some of them include the following.

Creative Learning: For the above reasons, animation is now used for creative learning especially in educational institutions where children pick up the concepts from animation videos quickly and easily. Learning from animations also has more impact and is usually remembered long-term.

Business World: The business world is moving faster and faster towards creative marketing in this era of competition everywhere to attract larger audiences. People are more likely to focus on videos that market using animation due to their attention-seeking quality.

Communication: Animation is also widely used for communication. Meaning animation gives an easier way to communicate and get your ideas and thinking across. Where a person would get stuck on how to explain his ideas with words, animation comes in handy.

Animation also differs in types in terms of production, technology, and other aspects. The major types of animation are the following:

Traditional Animation: Also known as cel animation, traditional animation is a tiring and long process where every frame is formed individually by drawings or photographing and then put in sequence to create movement.

2D Animation: 2-dimensional animation uses computer technology to produce animations. 2d animation focuses more on the aspect of manipulating the image of the frames to produce the illusion of movement.

3D Animation: 3-dimensional animations are much similar to 2d although more advanced. This type of animation is also known as CGI. A 3d animation uses the aspect of moving the characters themselves rather than images.

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