Should I Get a French Bulldog?

 Should I Get a French Bulldog?

When it comes to finding a dog as your pet, you would come across a huge list of breeds including poodles, Chihuahua, Dachshund, French bulldogs, and many more. Specifically targeting the French breed, this website intends to let you know the five most interesting facts about the French bulldogs and why you should keep them as your puppy.

They bark less

Not only Frenchies are best known for their bat-like ears, wide eyes, and short, stocky stature that make their owners fall in love with them but they also possess some other qualities. One of them is that they don’t bark as much as other breed dogs.

Although you may find your puppy making certain types of noises such as snorting, grunting, snoring, and talking in certain circumstances; however, it’s not that much annoying and doesn’t get on your nerves usually.

Of course, they may bark in situations when they encounter any stranger or are scared of something but that is few and far between.

They have a friendly nature

Frenchies have proved as a great companion dog for years for their friendly demeanor that not only suits a single person but a family with children. You’ll notice your French puppy be most outward towards the other animals and visitors, often looking for their lap to cuddle on.

Their affectionate attitude and loyal nature cause you to keep them as your companion at times of play or even when you’re all alone. You’ll find your four-legged friend all around you when you’re trapped by enormous troubles and hardships and you don’t find a way out. They’ll make you forget your problems instantly by cuddling with you and that’s what you need!

They require low maintenance grooming

Of course, our website doesn’t recommend any dog if they don’t prove reasonable for you while keeping them as your pet. Unlike other breeds, your French puppy possesses a short, silky coat that requires minimal grooming to keep their coat healthy.

You can easily remove their loose hair through a quick brush and apply the natural oil easily across the whole coat, maintaining its shine forever. Having relatively a shorter coat as compared to long-haired breeds, they shed their hairless which of course, helps in maintaining cleanliness in your drawing room or bedroom.

They require minimal exercise

Wow! That’s the best feature that you would be searching on any website in your pet if you’re a bit, lazy person. Your French puppy usually loves to rest on the couch and requires a brisk walk once or twice a day, keeping them healthy all the time.

They are playful

Your four-legged puppy loves to play indoor. Even you can play a game of fetch with your friend as an exercise at your home as they love to chase balls and play with toys because they usually overheat and have breathing problems when they play rough games or go out for some adventure.


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