How Technology has Enabled Obtaining a Visa for India by Email

 How Technology has Enabled Obtaining a Visa for India by Email

Until 2014, the Indian Visa Application form was paper-based which of course, was not convenient as you had to stand in a long queue to wait for your turn and go from one department to the other to get your work done. And if you were not aware of the formal procedure, you had to get the services of a travel agent and spend thousands of rupees to finally get your visa.

Certainly, that was too hectic and time-consuming for you. But here’s the good news! You can now submit an online Indian Visa Application form by following very few easy steps and get your Indian Visa Online through an email.

Indian Visa Application Process

The following are the few steps that will help you get your visa to India either for business, travel or medical assistance.

Step 1: Submit the online Indian Visa Application form on our website.

Step 2: Make payment in any of the 135 currencies using Credit Card, Debit Card, Cheque, Wallet, PayPal depending on your country.

Step 3: Get your Indian Visa Online through email within 24 hours of your application submission.

Step 4: Go to the airport or cruise ship to India.

However, there are few exceptions when you may get contacted during the Indian Visa Application Process e.g. losing your passport, re-applying for a visa while your current Indian visa was still valid, or asking for more details regarding the purpose of your visit on demand of the Immigration Office.

How to Obtain an Indian Visa Online?

Today, you no longer need to get your visa by visiting the local Indian Mission or Indian Embassy. Instead, you can get your Indian Visa Online simply by using your smartphone or laptop.

You get your visa if you qualify the following criteria:

  • Your nationality or citizenship of the country
  • Purpose of travel to India

Citizenship Criterion for Indian Visa Online

Based on your citizenship, India offers the following types of visas:

  • Visa Free countries like Maldives and Nepal.
  • Visa on Arrival countries for a limited time and on limited airports.
  • eVisa Indian countries (citizens from 180 countries are eligible for Indian Visa Online).
  • Paper or Traditional Visa required countries.
  • Government clearance required countries like Pakistan.

The most convenient, reliable, and secured method is applying for an Indian Visa Online (eVisa India), available under the broad categories such as India Tourist Visa, India Business Visa, India Medical Visa, and India Medical Attendant Visa.

The Intent Criterion for Indian Visa Online

The other criterion that you need to qualify is your intent or purpose of traveling to India before getting Indian Visa Online through our website. You’ll get your visa if:

  • You intend to visit your family or friends.
  • Your trip is for recreation.
  • You are attending a 6 months course and a course which does not confer a degree or diploma certificate.
  • You intend for 1-month volunteer work.
  • You intend to set up an industrial complex, accomplish a business venture, trade, or hire manpower, etc.
  • You want to attend a patient, act as a nurse, or support person in India.

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