How Digitalization Is Changing The World?

 How Digitalization Is Changing The World?

Digitalization has become so evident in the past few years that it is impossible to ignore what it has done and what it will do with us in the future. Social networking sites are a huge part of digitalization, sites like Facebook, snap chat, Instagram, Twitter, etc have a single thing in common which is that they keep people connected no matter how far they are, but is this really what these sites are doing?

Mostly all the people today are a part of one or another social site and they stay on it most of the time of their day (even when they’re not really doing anything they are still on the internet). It is a peer pressure that people face if they decide not to use these sites that what are people going to think if we are not following or a part of the trend, which is sad because of these pressures man, is becoming insane for the things that don’t matter and is neglecting his family over the artificial stuff.

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Digital Technology has completely changed our lives in all aspects, from waking up to falling asleep at night we are bound by technology from all angles. It is now a part of our offices, shopping, photography, reading, education, music, etc. As the electrical devices are becoming smarter, lighter and more advanced with each and every passing day (or maybe passing minutes) we are becoming sicker, stupider and dumber because we are now completely dependant on our devices to help in functioning like proper human beings.

Technology has taken away from us something very precious and that is originality; originality in love, originality in the family, originality in friends, originality in our likes and dislikes and in everything else. We are no more original, just a bunch of people following the same thing that is on the top of the ‘cool’ list, because of all this we have lost ourselves. We depend on our devices for even the simplest functions like remembering the dates of important events, reminding us the time for our important reminders, solving the simplest of math’s sum (what was 2+2 again? Was it 5?)

Technology and digitalization are manipulating us and we are gladly allowing it to do so. There are clearly a lot of disadvantages of digitalization which we tend to ignore and forget in our day to day interactions with people who are far away from us (and maybe not even real), we forget that in the long run, it is going to damage us and destroy our life’s happiness. It is the time that we at least wake up to what the technology is actually doing to us, here are some disadvantages that the digitalization is instilling upon us. Xdynamix Media communications is the best option for you to choose such an amazing technology in a proper way.

Cons of Digitalization:

  • Our personal data is no more secure, anyone can access it for any purpose.
  • Crime rates and terrorist activities are easily done.
  • We are no more ourselves, we just want to impress people.
  • We become socially depersonalized.
  • It causes second-hand living.
  • Makes us addicted to internet and technology.

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