10 Tech Magazines Every Man Should Subscribe To

 10 Tech Magazines Every Man Should Subscribe To

Are you looking for a gift for an impossible man to buy? Perhaps you are a man looking to broaden his horizons. Whatever you are looking for, you may find it in a magazine. As a side note, all of these magazines listed on the best website for cheap magazines can be found. Now on the list!


Well, I’m not a fan of this magazine as before, but I still think it should be on the list, which is why I ranked it 10th.

Maxim Magazine is the magazine of the fastest growing public attention to men that integrates smart service journalism with a sense of humor. Maxim covers a full range of topics, including sports, sex, cars, fitness and personal relationships. Maxim brings all of this together in one place so men can relax, laugh and learn something while they’re in it.

The New Yorker: 

Officials is the one who goes to the dentist magazine. I have read it twice a year as long as I remember it and I will register every day. The New Yorker is more than just a magazine: it is a cultural symbol dedicated to good writing and good ideas.

The New Yorker is like the best conversation you can imagine in art, technology, politics, characters, medicine, movies, fiction, fashion, culture, and commentary. The New Yorker was discussed. With passion. Reverently. In board meetings. On the phone … online … about dry martini or hot cappuccino. What about fees? Best. The most fun. the only. Fits in the refrigerator or office bulletin board.

Popular Science: 

No longer interested only … I recently started reading this magazine monthly and am still surprised by at least one of the articles. Topics range from the latest car models to the latest military technology, but editors keep everything weak enough for the layman to understand. There is also something that I build in my house every month which gives me an excuse to use all these tools that accumulate dust in my garage.


The first magazine that sells men. Enough said.

Rolling stone:

Again, not at all the cultural phenomenon, it was when Hunter S. Thompson wrote distinguished articles, but it remains the cornerstone of today’s music magazines. It offers cutting edge music reviews, in-depth interviews, provocative photos and award-winning features. It also contains political and social reviews of the world today and how these issues affect you.


We all read when we were kids, and if you’re like me, you don’t know why you stopped. Nonsense, nonsense, madness, deception, sarcasm, nonsense, nonsense and intolerance are prevalent in this monthly summary of political and social satire – and a sense of humor. Alfred E. Newman himself will be proud of you for preserving your childhood roots.


Another is not just for geeks these days. Wired Magazine is dedicated to bringing readers the latest news on high tech companies that are changing our future.

Wired Magazine was written to be appreciated by those who know the high tech industry and those who care only about this booming field, and it features articles on the people and companies behind the technological revolution. You will receive monthly issues filled with information on new developments in digital electronics, the Internet, e-commerce and more!


Well, I admit, I never took over the Forbes affair in my life, but I’ll tell you this: it looks really cool to be sitting in the bathroom every month. Business is dangerous, but Forbes unlocks puzzles with in-depth coverage of issues, trends, events, and stories about the characters who shape the business world today and will define the future.

Forbes covers global business stories with insight, powerful resources and enormous enthusiasm. No need to merge, new ad campaign or unnoticed pursuit, and stories always focus on the two engines that make things happen.

The shifted magazine offers in-depth coverage that studies the characters and issues that shape the business world today and explores the trends of tomorrow. Forbes regularly offers features on technology, careers, business services, healthcare and various markets. Forbes also prints annual lists for the best and wealthiest companies. Read Forbes to understand the volatile market today – or just enjoy reading the good reviews. I still do not understand …


Every grandfather, father and son has to. ESPN publishes sports reports as they should be. ESPN focuses on matches, players to watch, predictions and forecasts for the season, on-off field views, all with a greater representation of life.

ESPN offers professional coverage of football, universities, baseball, basketball and hockey in each issue. Chronicles by ESPN’s Dan Patrick, Stuart Scott and Rich Eisen, as well as by the athletes themselves, are included in each issue.

Men’s health:

Well, I admit, I ranked this first around location # 5 but I felt a bit guilty about it. Every man must read the health of men. It is designed to help men adopt a healthy and continuous lifestyle in their body, mind and spirit.

Men’s Health magazine covers exercise techniques, dietary advice and includes columns to help you with your emotional and mental health. You will also get lots of information on new products that will help you stay in shape!


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