On-Page SEO – A Must Have SEO Guide for 2020

 On-Page SEO – A Must Have SEO Guide for 2020

On-page SEO is the key factor for your content optimization for search engine. Without on-page optimization, SEO is heartless.

The ranking is the highly important factor to grow your business in this digital planet and we all know SEO is the main key to get ranking to the targeted audience through a search engine. Without SEO your online presence is like an Armey on the battlefield without his tools.

Today we will discuss the heart of SEO and that is the most important on-page SEO or on-page optimization. Before begin let see the headlines of today’s discussion.


·        What is SEO?

·        Why SEO important?

·        What is on-page SEO?

·        Importance of on-page SEO.

·        On-page SEO Elements.

·        Conclusion.


Let’s jump into details:

What is SEO?

Though we all know to relate with today’s discussion before on-page optimization we should minimally discuss SEO. So what is SEO? Being straight forward SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization (Search engines means – Google, Yahoo, Bing and more else.) that means, SEO means if anyone searches anything in search engine – means google search bar, it will show 10 pages with 10 results (Contents) in each page, accordingly its default setting matching with the searching keyword. Hope it’s clear now SEO means the process optimizing contents to get ranking on search engine result pages.

Why SEO Important?

SEO importance is indescribable in today’s situation. Now every business involved in the competition to confirm their online presence. So day by day the competition getting high and to sustain in this competition with boldness SEO is a must. Because in this battlefield the key tool is SEO. Those content whose are well optimized will get ranking top than others. So to get target oriented organic traffic to your business or content there is no alternative of SEO.

What is on-page?

On-page SEO is the most power full tool for driving plenty of visitors into your site or your content. It’s totally up to you how you want to implement on-page SEO for your site or content because you have to decide the ultimate goal of your page or content, you need to select the target keyword for your content to focus on.

On-page SEO is a process of optimizing web pages or contents to get ranking on SERP. Lots of elements are there in this on-page optimization process like content elements, HTML elements and site architecture elements.

Importance of on-page SEO

No doubt this is the most important part of the SEO process. On the other hand on-page, SEO introduces your site to search engine. This optimizes your web pages or contents for both the human eye and search engine bot.

Only publishing your site will not work for Google or other search engines, you must have to optimize it for ranking and getting new traffic. So without on-page SEO your website or content is like a bird without wings.

On-page SEO is called “on-page” because all the works done in this part for ranking can be visible to the visitors on your page whereas other parts of SEO are done out of the page or behind the page so those are invisible to the visitors.

Search Engine Optimization is a vital task for your site or content because all elements need to be configured perfectly otherwise it will not work properly. So if you feel you are not eligible for this work you may hire a Digital Marketing and SEO Expert in Bangladesh to confirm your ranking.

Let us discuss the on-page SEO elements now for better understanding.

On-page SEO elements

Let see the list of elements that will be discussed now:

§  Keyword Optimization

§  Content Quality

§  Page Title

§  Meta Description

§  Headers

§  Image Optimization

§  URL optimization

§  Internal Linking Optimization

§  Responsiveness

§  Measuring Site Speed


Keyword Optimization

Optimizing keyword in your content or article is a vital factor for on-page SEO. Put your targeted keyword within the first 100 words of your article. Though it’s an old school practise it is equally important till today as Google prioritize on what shows up early on your page.

Content Quality

As all know content is king, it is also the heart of on-page SEO. Content represents your work or business or what about your site is to both search engine and readers. Good quality content helps you to rank on Google and also increase ROI bringing more traffic on your site.

Keyword research is the very first step creating good content. You need to place keyword perfectly into your content and remember to use too many keywords called keyword staffing which impacts badly on ranking.

Let see some factors which impact on On-Page SEO:

·         Implementing keyword perfectly in your content.

·         Add infographic, Image, Audio and Video which engage more people.

·         Write content considering user experiences.

·         Follow the Audiences and solve the issues.

·         Prepare such contents which people will share and link to.


Page Title

The title is the element which makes visitors and search engines understandable about your whole page contents. It keeps importance at on-page SEO. The title has to be relevant to the page. You have to optimize your title to get rank in the search engine. Your focus keyword has to be included in the title and also it’s better to keep the length within 60 characters. Make sure you are not using all caps in your title and try to use the brand name in your title. Always remember the well-optimized title tag helps you to boost up your CTR rate.


Meta Description

Meta Description is a short description of your page. Though it does not impact on SEO matters but helps a lot to get new traffic in your page boosting CTR.  It is also important for online sharing of your page or content because when you share your page in social media or any online media then your meta can be copied there in the shared link. So it’s important to get more click there.

Some point you should consider for your meta like –

·         Keep your meta under 160 character though Google allows up to 220 characters and consider 120 characters for mobile.

·         Use your entire keyword or key-phrases in your meta.

·         Don’t use broken sentences.

·         Always avoid alphanumeric characters like & – or +



Headers are exactly known as body tag that is HTML tag like – h1, h2, h3, h4, h5. It’s very important to utilize the heading tags in your content properly. Always maintain the sequence using headers.


Image Optimization

It’s the most essential element of on-page SEO. Alt-text is the main part of image optimization as it tells search engines what the image is about which is very important considering SEO factors as now Google prioritises most the content with optimized images and also you can get visitor through your images.

·         Consider these things to add all-text in the image:

·         Make it easy and clear to be understandable what the image is and also be specific.

·         Make this relevant to the page content.

·         Alt-text need to be less than 125 characters.

·         Avoid keyword stuffing.


URL Optimization

Page URL has to be simple and straight forward to be understable easily for both visitors and search engines. Always try to keep this minimal avoiding extra word and keep it within one or two keywords. Use https in the URL as it’s a positive attitude for ranking.


Internal Linking Optimization

This is the step of on-page SEO where you link your newly published pages with the other pages having the most authority of your site and this is the internal linking. By doing this you will get recognition from search engine easily and this will also reduce the bounce rate and boost the capacity to hold visitors in your site.


Now in modern technology responsiveness is the high demand ranking factor for any website. Responsiveness means mobile-friendliness that means how your site looking in mobile or tablet devices.  Now, this days all themes has this builtin facilities and you just need to optimize it properly. If you are not sure about your site responsiveness jost test it by Google mobile-friendly test tool.

Measuring Site Speed

This is very important factor for your ranking. Though this is not depends only for on-page SEO, off-page and technical SEO also involved here. Whether it is desktop or mobile devices page load time matters huge as Google favour those sites whose care about user experience most. If your page needs more time to be loaded that will drastically reduces your traffic and also ranking as well. You can check your site speed by Google page speed insights tools. This is also belongs to the technical part but this impact on on-page SEO hugely.


SEO is not a task for one time, it’s a continuous process. You need to evolve with the upgraded consepts continuously otherwise you will be backfired. When it’s about on-page SEO multiply the urgency of this continue upgrading process as on-page SEO can be seen by the visitors. So the ultimate thing is always evolve yourself with the updated world and upgrade your site accordingly to get the benefits perfectly to rank top.


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