Top 10 Blogging Tools You Can’t Survive Without

 Top 10 Blogging Tools You Can’t Survive Without

Are you looking for some of the most effective and handy blogging tools? If so, then you have definitely arrived at the right place. In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the best blogging tools that you can use to spice up your blogging game.

This article will provide you with blogging tips that will help take you to the next level.  So, here is a list of 10bloggingtools that are helping bloggers be more productive and efficient.

The Ten Best Blogging Tools You Can’t Survive Without

1) WordPress:

People always have questions about starting a blog like where to start and how to start. So, to all such people, I would suggest you create a WordPress account. You can easily make an account using a hosting service provider.

2) Hemingway App:

This is one of the best writing apps that you can. It highlights the complex, lengthy and general errors in your text. Also, it marks the lengthy sentences in yellow color, so if you see yellow color that means you need to split or shorten the sentence.

If there’s a red mark on the sentence, then that means the sentence is complicated and dense. That why you need to make it simple and short.

Moreover, if you see a purple color mark on a word, that means you need to use a shorter word in place of it. Weak phrases and adverbs are marked with blue color. To indicate passive voice, phrases are marked in green color. Also, to format your text you can make use of the toolbar.

3) Picmonkey:

You no longer need to hire any graphic designer for creating photos with text on it for your blog. With the help of pic monkey, it has become easy for me to design photos with the font. Now, you can create graphics easily.

The best part about it is that it is absolutely free of cost. You should definitely use it, it’s awesome.

4) ScheduleOnce:

We can schedule our meetings or call with someone we should check out time trade. It is just like an automatic meeting scheduler that can integrate into your blog. I don’t need to do a single thing for that. It directly syncs with Google calendar and allows people to book appointments when the calendar is open in all the spots that I have designated. After that, it sends every person an announcement of the calendar. It’s automatic and easy.

5) YouTube:

YouTube, isn’t it a go-to application for every one of us? When we find any difficulty in doing something we YouTube it, when we don’t know how to do a thing we YouTube it, when we have to know what exactly something means then we YouTube it. YouTube is a tool we all can’t live without, it has become an inevitable part of our life. It has helped me a lot on my hard days.

6) Evernote:

Not confident about what I’d achieve without one of my beloved bloggingtools, Evernote. I arrange notebooks that assist me to concentrate on what is important. I moreover keep all of my emails and files that I necessarily don’t need on a day-to-day purpose in Evernote as well. It’s so simple to hunt for stuff you desire. So pleased I started operating this a few years before! Evernote is moreover where I announce all of the workout PDFs downloaded from several websites as well, and it is a great place to amass articles that one might not possess time to look over but can get on back to after with Evernote Clipper.

7) 1ShoppingCart:

This is a way to collect incomes and organize your blog. It can approve credit cards and route orders. This is moreover what I practice to organize my email record and cast autoresponders. If you have a small budget, it is easy to start with Mailchimp and PayPal. But as soon as you can, I would upgrade to 1ShoppingCart to automate these tasks for you.

8) Wishlist Member:

It is a helpful tool that enables one to put up with their WordPress blog and change it into a personal membership blog to establish a training program. All of my routine programs operate Wishlist Member, and it’s barely a tiny work to fix it up, and after that, it can ooze content to one’s clients and students every day, per week, or per month.

One can further cast passwords and usernames to the customers automatically and instantly so they can begin as they purchase the program. Things that can operate on their own are wonderful to me and my firm! And I am always excited about ensuring that my customers are put up with care and obtain the subject that they registered for, that’s why I admire this tool.

9) StealthSeminar:

It is the aspect I use to execute my group and webinar coaching callings every month. I adore the fact, I can tape the calls effortlessly and bring them out straight away just in case somebody was not prepared to make a phone call. It similarly has a Q&A and a chatbox aspect which I love most. It’s so easy and simple to comprehend. I have strived for other calls and webinars tool, but I constantly rebound to Instant Teleseminar. When I have a significant subject on the call, I can’t pay for anything to get on wrong!

If you are not ready to spend money on this type of service yet, there are free options. You can use apps like WhatsApp without all the bells and whistles of paid tools.

10) OnlineJobs:

To really grow your blog you will need help. I recommend hiring before you think you are ready to do so. If you want to evolve your business or blog, get assistance to assist as soon as possible. It’s so valuable. I had my terrific virtual assistants. You can get help from someone in India, the Philippines, and they can work during the day for them but is night in the USA. This way you can wake up after a goodnight’s rest but your business still has momentum. Currently, I have virtual assistants from all over the globe. This site is where I found my virtual assistants.


Hopefully, you found this list helpful and can implement a couple of them into your blog.  Now it’s your turn.  Which blogging tool did you find most useful?

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