Best Magento Development Company in 2021

 Best Magento Development Company in 2021

The significance of online shopping has never been more apparent than today. More people are shopping online than ever before, be it due to government restrictions or self-imposed restrictions. This need for online stores is driving a market for robust yet reliable platforms for e-commerce.

And that is where Magento, one of the many platforms available today for developing online stores, comes in. For most people, Magento is a user-friendly, dynamic tool designed for ease-of-use. However, to extract the best value from your store, you should hire a Magento Development Company.

In this post, we will cover the why, how and who of hiring Magento Development Companies.

Why Hire a Magento Development Company

Online stores play a more significant role in driving sales than you might think. For example, research shows that consumers in shaky economies tend to research products and services more extensively to stretch the budget. Therefore, businesses have to try and convert as many hits as possible into purchases.

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Magento, a product of the famous Adobe company, is a PHP based platform used for developing e-commerce applications. Magento allows retailers to run the entire business through the Magento store or integrate with an existing system/ERP. As mentioned earlier, a company specializing in Magento Development can leverage far more resources than an inexperienced user or lone developer.

Best Magento Development Company in 2021

Finding the right Magento Developer can be challenging. It is not only about selecting the best performer. Instead, much like a jigsaw, it is about finding the best fit. Listed below are ten of the best Magneto Developing Companies worldwide. Hopefully, by the end of your read, you should have a good idea who to pick.

1. Folio3

Folio3 is a client-centric, custom software, web, and mobile development agency headquartered in the USA with offices in Bulgaria, Pakistan, Mexico the UK, UAE and Canada. Although the company operates in a wide range of sectors, they have a dedicated e-commerce division and Magento certified professionals. Not to mention Folio3 is a Magento Solutions partner and holds multiple Magento certifications. The most significant advantage of choosing Folio3 is scalability and innovation. The company has a diverse customer base comprising everything from Fortune 500 enterprises to small and medium-sized business and startups.

Although Folio3’s more than ten years of experience working with Magento may seem relatively short, their “innovation-as-a-service” USP more than makes up for it.

2. Magneto IT Solutions

Founded in 2009, Magneto IT Solutions is an e-commerce specialist in Pune, India. They have offices in the USA, Kingdom of Bahrain, Ireland and Australia. If you haven’t noticed already, the name “Magneto” refers not to the X-Men character; instead, it plays on the word “Magento”. Despite having Daikin and Noca Group GBC as notable customers, the bulk of Magneto’s customers come from the small and medium business sector.

3. Staylime

Staylime is an e-commerce development company specialising in Magento. Founded in 2010, this relatively small US company offers a range of Magento services including migration, extension development and UI/UX design. Their small size means employees will offer a more personalised touch to their services. However, this lack of size may also translate into reduced agility in times of crisis.

4. Absolute Web Services

Based in the USA, Absolute Web Services works with several platforms including Magento, Shopify and BigCommerce. In terms of Magento expertise, they have all the necessary qualifications and a Magento partnership to boot which makes Absolute a good contender for this list.

5. Lounge Lizard

Established in 1998, Lounge Lizard has been around for a long time in the web development game. Their services include web design, development, digital marketing and sales optimisation with a focus on creatives. This focus also means Lounge Lizard is a good choice if you want good graphics above all else. However, they are not Magento partners and no certifications from Adobe. Furthermore, with offices solely in the USA (New York, Washington, Los Angeles and Long Island), the company can cater to clients within the US best.

6. Rave Digital

Rave Digital is a Florida based web development company with an office in the UK. Established in 2007, Rave Digital offers full spectrum e-commerce, CRM and app development for both the web and mobile. Notable clients include Mothercare, Loreal and Nestle.

7. Unity Group

Hailing from Poland, one of few global hubs for IT, Unity Group offers the industry standard in custom software development and systems integration. The company has many e-commerce offerings, one of which is Magento. Therefore, in no way, can we consider Unity Group a Magento Specialist. Furthermore, they do not have any Magento certifications as a business. Nonetheless, their 20-year experience may give them a leg up in creating the right Magento solution for you.

8. BrainvireInfotechInc

Based in South Jordan, Utah, Brainvire is an all-rounder IT company that deals with a range of platforms for web and app development and e-commerce. Unlike Unity Group, Brainvire is Magento certified with notable clients including Landmark Group and Furthermore, the company, like Folio3, has a customer-driven approach to Magento development.

9. Inchoo

Inchoo is a Croatian company based in Osijek. The company specialises in web design, development and e-commerce applications. Like some of the other companies mentioned in this article, Inchoo is also officially Magento certified and a recognised Magento partner. They claim that they want to form a long-lasting and open relationship with all their clients, meaning Inchoo does put the customer first. Therefore, no harm in checking them out.

10. Elsner Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Elsner Technologies is a and mobile app and web development company with a global presence. Their primary development centreis in India, but they also have a presence in Switzerland, the USA and Australia. Founded in 2006, Elsner Technologies has developed mobile apps and websites for every major platform and framework available today. Although Elsner is not a Magento partner nor certified, they have been delivering Magento solutions long enough to make up for it.

Points to Consider

When hiring a Magento Developer, be it an individual or a company, you need to make sure it’s the right fit for you. By you, of course, we mean your business. Whether you own the company, run it or both, try the following tips and tricks to help you make your decision.

Read testimonials thoroughly

Every Magento Developer posts testimonials and featured clients on their websites. Go through each and one look for an organisation that is similar to yours. Similarities can be in terms of size, industry, or purpose.

Make a plan

There is always a reason for going into e-commerce. For most businesses, it’s a means to expand sales. For others, they’re looking for a place with fewer overheads and unlimited potential. Either way, put it into writing to be sure of what direction you want to follow when the time comes. It will enable your Magento Developer to get you results faster.


When trying to expand and reach newer markets, an online store is one of the best ways to engage a broad customer base from a single location. However, if not handled correctly, a poor e-commerce portal can turn customers away from the business instead of attracting new sales.

Therefore, if you either choose Magento or shopify website design services company as your e-commerce partner, you should consider hiring a Magento Development Company. An organization can allocate far more talent and resources to a project than any single individual. Not to mention, a development company is more likely to have experience working with a business just like yours and, therefore, is already a step ahead.

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