MilesWeb Review 2021: Is It Good for Your Growing Business Website?

 MilesWeb Review 2021: Is It Good for Your Growing Business Website?

What matters to a business is its growth. If you have a growing business, what hosting plan are you using and how is it benefiting your company needs to be considered in the first place. If your business is growing but you have not yet made it online, let’s see what you can do to set up your business online.

Let us consider an example of how your online business can grow more than an offline business, and why you need websites and web hosting plans?

Suppose, you have a paper bag business in which you are producing the paper bags and selling them with the help of a legacy marketing system(mouth publicity, ad in newspapers, etc.)  you’ll be able to reach out to a limited geographical area. Whereas, if you are developing a website of your company and adding all the details of your business on the website, hosting the website will make your business reach globally. Eventually, for that, you need to understand, how you can take your business online?

The only thing you can do is, develop a website and host it with the assistance of web hosting service providers like MilesWeb. The web hosting companies furnish multiple options to host your website on the internet. There are different types of web hosting namely VPS hosting, shared hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated server hosting, and so on.

Understanding web hosting, is said to be a process through which websites are loaded on the server space provided by the web hosting providers. People can have access to your website with the help of a domain name, it is the link given to your website(e.g. Also, the domains are given by the hosting partners, and with some hosting service providers like MilesWeb, you don’t need to pay extra charges for the domain name.

So far we have gained some understanding of the terms ‘web hosting’ and ‘domain’, but we need to know who is the best service provider and why?

Here’s the answer in one line, the best web hosting provider is MilesWeb without a doubt.

Have you been thinking, why without hesitation I said MilesWeb stands out? So we’ll know about MilesWeb:

MilesWeb is a self-owned web hosting company established in 2012. They have been providing extraordinary services like 24*7 customer support, best services at the cheapest cost, highest uptime, and the list is never-ending.  The company is offering more than 70 plans for web hosting which include shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, Windows hosting, dedicated web hosting, WordPress hosting, etc. They have also encompassed the services like website builder, SSL certificate, domain transfer, domain registration, and so on.

Now that you know what web hosting is and how does it work, let’s see the types through which you can host your website and, which plan is best suited for your company.

Shared hosting: This is the cheapest web hosting type in which your website will be shared by multiple other websites of other businesses. Shared Hosting is chosen by most of the small scale businesses because it is cost-efficient. This type of hosting adversely affects the performance of your website as multiple websites are working on the same shared server.

Most businesses start with a shared hosting plan as it gives plans at cheaper costs. The Tyro plan which is the basic starts @₹40/mo. It is the cheapest in comparison with other hosting providers. This plan incorporates 10 email accounts, 1GB SSD disk space, unlimited bandwidth, free SSL certificate, website builder, cPanel + Softaculous, WordPress optimized, MySQL DB’s,  CPU, and 2GB RAM.

MilesWeb Review

Reseller hosting: With this type of hosting plan, you can be the one hosting other websites. Reseller hosting makes it possible for you to buy or rent the servers from big hosting providers and lease them to others taking out your profit. It is the best way to start your hosting business. The primary reseller plan at MilesWeb starts at ₹290/mo.

Your web hosting needs will expand and get more complex as your online business expands. In the start-up process of your online business, free and affordable web hosting plans may have been great. But if your website starts to feel slow as it continues to expand as you get more website traffic, you may need to start looking forward to switching the plan from shared to VPS or dedicated.

VPS hosting: One physical server is shared with multiple websites but the difference between shared and VPS is that the VPS server acts as a separate server. Unlike shared hosting, VPS hosting has a lesser number of websites hosted. VPS provides scalability which means you can increase the utilization of resources if traffic is more and vice-versa. This type of hosting makes it possible for you to choose an operating system of your choice. The basic VPS plan for Linux OS starts at ₹630/mo which includes 2 vCPU, 2 GB RAM, 50 GB SSD disk, 500 GB bandwidth, 1 free domain, free SSL certificate, dedicated IP, etc. For Windows OS it varies to ₹1260/mo. which includes 2 vCPU, 2 GB RAM, 500 GB bandwidth, 1 free domain, free SSL certificate, 50 GB SSD disk, dedicated IP, etc.

VPS is best to use with e-commerce websites or enterprise-level websites. For your growing business, you can think about switching to VPS from shared hosting.

Dedicated server hosting: The word dedicated means the server belongs to you and no other company can share their websites on your server. It means you are renting one physical server from a hosting company. A dedicated server is typically the highest level of server you’d need for your online business. Although a dedicated server’s costs are considerably higher than shared hosting and VPS servers, the organization would be at a stage where it can comfortably manage the required costs of getting your server.

Client’s review: There are many clients who have the same opinion as me about MilesWeb. Here are a few:

MilesWeb Review 1

You will surely be able to choose the right web hosting plan for your needs atMilesWeb. Whether you are looking for the lowest cost or the most efficient offerings, or anything in between, you have paths open for all with MilesWeb.

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