SearchSEO Review: Best Automated Traffic Bot to Improve your CTR

 SearchSEO Review: Best Automated Traffic Bot to Improve your CTR

What is the thing that makes a search result more click-worthy? Or in simple words, what will make anyone want to click on your website link from search engine result pages (SERP)?

One response I often get to hear that it is correlated to page rank. If a website ranks higher on top of Google’s SERPs, then there are great chances that you will get more clicks?

Click-through rate (CTR) is the ratio of the number of clicks on a particular website link received to the number of times a website link is shown i.e. number of impressions.

CTR is considered as an important factor that can affect your website ranking. In fact, it is a notable indicator to let Google know that your visitors are actually interested in clicking on a website link and reading your website content.

A high CTR means that a majority of clicks for a certain keyword are gained by your website. A rise in CTR makes it easier for Google to find out that a specific website has a strong user base and should therefore be ranked higher.

There are several ways of enhancing a website’s SEO rankings and CTR. One of the quickest and most reliable ways to increase the rankings of a website, indeed, is with an automated traffic bot.

To acquire organic search traffic it is essential to use the best automated traffic bot in order to enhance website performance.

There are many services emerging every day that claim to offer organic traffic by spoofing the organic visits by using normal bots, which may cause the Google penalty to any website.

In order to provide this kind of traffic that ranks with CTR, you will need a real automated CTR bot. Use a trustworthy platform like SearchSEO – traffic bot who provides authentic and real clicks using real people to automatically increase CTR. is one of the best Google CTR Bot that focuses on driving organic search traffic,  considering all the factors that are significant to improve a website’s SEO performance.

Let’s learn more about Automated CTR bot in this SearchSEO Review:

Note: It is an automation tool. It does everything you set it to do. It is your prime responsibility to know and use it without making it look like spam and getting hit with Google Penalty.

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What is SearchSEO?

SearchSEO offers one of the best CTR manipulation solutions to rank your website higher on Google SERP with Real organic clicks.

The ultimate goal of using such an automated traffic bot is to drive consistent organic traffic to your website, which appears on the second or third page and doesn’t get any clicks. And you can never expect to get organic traffic if the keyword search volume is very low.

Clickers on SearchSEO don’t use VPNs or proxies to improve the website’s CTR. Instead of using a Google CTR bot, SearchSEO uses an actual residential IP network to get real human visitors from the country of your choice. A SearchSEO generated visitor will never return to your website again as each visitor and click is unique.

SearchSEO is proven to be a risk-free approach to increase ranking and CTR of your website. You will not have to think about getting a Google penalty. You can see a dramatic boost in your CTR and can track the progress of your CTR in the Google search console.

How to get started with SearchSEO?

You can use SearchSEO with a free trial credit for the first 3 days or buy website traffic credit for at least a month to get more effective results.

To get started with SearchSEO, simply create a free account on SearchSEO.

Step 1: Visit their website


Step 2: Click the “Free Trial” button from the top right corner. Or you can simply click on “Sign Up” To create a new account.

Free Trial

Step 3: Fill the form – SearchSEO Sign Up Form

To get started with a free trial, SearchSEO won’t ask for your credit card details or any payment details for registration and still, you can use the trial version to test the tool.

SearchSEO Sign Up Form

How to create a campaign with SearchSEO?

After creating an account for yourself at SearchSEO, all you have to do is to create a campaign or a new project for your own website.

create a campaign

Click on the create new project to create a new campaign, you will have to enter the following details: 

create new project

create new project 1

Name of your project: Enter the campaign Name, that you want to set. This is for your reference only so name accordingly.

Website URL: Enter the website link for which you want to generate organic traffic.

Targeted Country: Choose the country names from where you want to generate traffic from. For example, if you are in the US market, set the Country Name as “US”, SearchSEO will only drive real US visitors that improves your CTR.

Searches Per Day: SearchSEO drives real searches from the targeted country where you operate your local business. Set the number of searches you need to bring on your website per day.

Mobile Searches: More than half of all searches done from mobile these days, so Google Considered it as one of the key ranking factors. So, set the number of visits that you want to get from Mobile out of the total number of searches.

Pageviews: Pageviews is a number of times of a web page being loaded or reloaded in a user’s browser. Pageviews is an important metric to measure the popularity of your website. You can even set multiple pageviews from a single user.

Time on site: Choose the time you want each visitor should spend on the website. The higher the time on site, the better the rankings. You will get a max of 60 seconds in the free trial version.

Bounce rate: Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who visit the website and then bounce back to the search results or another website rather than continuing to be on the same website. Set the bounce rate you want to retain of your website.

Keyword: Simply, enter the set of keywords on which your site is naturally referenced in the first 100 Google search results. Improve your website ranking positions by improving the click-through of your keywords with SearchSEO

SearchSEO Results:

All right, so far, you must have built a campaign. I have built a campaign for my own website to test this automated tool. I tested the keyword, “stickers clavier macbook”.

My website was ranked at No.20 at the start of the campaign. I have been using the SearchSEO tool for three weeks now.

ranked at No.20

And I have noticed that my ranking has increased significantly, between No.5 and No.1 now.

ranking has increased significantly

Look at the above statistics, you can see that there is a general boost in the position of SEO ranking with respect to each keyword. Now my website ranking has now increased to No.1 eventually within the use of just a month now.

I have even tried modifying various metrics meanwhile. You can also drive your website to a better ranking if you are able to identify the right parameters.

You can have a great CTR as long as you are on the first page of Google’s SERPs.

SearchSEO Features:

Some of the important features of SearchSEO are listed below:

  • SearchSEO has an easy to use user interface that will help you easily set up your campaign
  • It allows you to set a Campaign with customizable features as well as you can stop or deactivate your Campaign as per your need
  • SearchSEO allows businesses to target specific countries to boost the Specific Keywords rankings.
  • SearchSEO helps to boost SEO rankings and SERP CTR by CTR manipulation

However, some features are limited for free trial credit users and are only available to the premium users.

SearchSEO Pricing:

SearchSEO is a premium tool. Choose the best plan from one of their premium packages. You can keep a variety of plans on the same account.  

SearchSEO Pricing

SearchSEO Review:

Take a look at the pros and cons of the SearchSEO:


With no extra charges & included in the same price you will get:

  • Targeting Countries
  • Management of daily traffic
  • Custom Device
  • Custom bounce rate
  • Custom browsers
  • Real-Time Statistics Per Campaign
  • 24/7 live support and assistance


  • You should have a larger audience
  • You can’t be sure that everyone from your audience is able to help
  • Your audience can make a mistake sometimes and click on the wrong website.
  • You might need to reveal your SEO strategies and best keywords
  • Your rankings might drop down after you stop your campaign
  • The tool cannot find your webpage after the third page on Google.


While there are a number of factors that can influence your CTR, SearchSEO will give you a better idea of what you can possibly expect.

According to Google, the key determining factor for ranking and CTR is website relevancy to the searcher intent.  A search result will only get more clicks if other people are clicking on it. When it comes to having clicks, the user’s actions and intent matters the most.

I will highly recommend you to focus more on the SEO performance of your website, before using SearchSEO tools. So that you will get a thorough knowledge of how to use the SearchSEO to achieve the ultimate outcomes from your campaign.

Getting the top rank on Google’s SERP increases your CTR organically. But that’s not the only thing, you can still get clicks even without ranking at number one by using correct SEO tactics.

If you are looking to improve your website ranking and CTR, you should make sure that your website is SEO optimized.  SearchSEO tool will surely give a significant boost to your SEO.

And, most of all, give it time. Organic traffic needs a lot of patience, so never give up.

I hope this SearchSEO review will be a great help if you wish to increase your CTR and improve SEO rankings! If you want to boost your CTR too, then take a free trial and test this amazing tool on your own!

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