Email Busy Professionals with these Amazing 7 Tips

 Email Busy Professionals with these Amazing 7 Tips

Do you want a very busy person to take notes when you receive an email? Of course!

Email is the chain of modern human existence. You receive a lot of emails and send even more. When you send an important email, you expect a quick response or quick action.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your email.

1. Write short and snappy.

Do not disclose your emails. As you write your important emails, spend enough time figuring out what to reduce. Two old written sentences definitely apply here: less is more and if you have doubts, put it aside.

2. State upfront about what you’re asking.

Your reader, first of all, should be very sure what you are using or the reason for the email. State clearly, and if you have no action to take, say the email is for informational purposes only and no action is required.

3. Rather break an email with multiple parts into segments.

When necessary background information makes an email longer, break it up in segments. The reader will find it easier to read and scan for the relevant information when guided by segments. When receiving any email that is just a grey block of text, most people will file it unread and go on to the next email.

For more tips on how to create emails that will entice busy people to read it, see this Gmail guide.

4. Address people one by one.

The easiest way to get this done is to write the biggest part of the email in a general way and then to create numerous versions of it. Then add each individual’s name in the beginning with a short personal message.

Make sure important emails are created individually, although this might take a little longer than just an email to the group.

5. The subject line matters most.

Like the headline for a news story or the text of a tweet, subject lines matter a lot. People scan their email and therefore subject lines to work out which one we should open first.

6. Choose the time of day carefully.

Don’t send important emails Friday afternoon… Ever! Rather write them during the weekend and then send them early on a Monday morning, to be among the first emails in an inbox, not down at the bottom. Although experts on productivity believe that the opening of emails should not be the first thing you do every morning, most people still do.

If you’re using Gmail, Baydin’s Boomerang is your handy helper. If you’re using Outlook, click on the Options >> Delay Delivery feature.

7. Clean up and resend.

Some people are very busy and cannot read every email in their inbox. The more ranks and responsibilities they have, the higher their demands will be and they probably won’t have more to read and respond to their emails within the first few hours.

Just resend the email. Use REPLY ALL to let them know you’ve already sent the email. Not to put them on a sinful journey, but to get their attention. Write that you know they are busy and hope you did not mind sending the email again, you just wanted to return it to their inbox. Then repeat your request.

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