How to Find the Best Electricity Provider?

 How to Find the Best Electricity Provider?

Best Electricity Provider

Are you looking for an environmentally-friendly electricity provider at a cheaper rate? Then you have come to the right place! We will briefly discuss two of the best electricity providers in the US that ensure the consistent supply at cheaper rates. Let’s begin!

About Green Mountain Energy

As it’s evident from the title, Green Mountain Energy started in 1997 at Texas to implement its mission of providing the renewable energy by ensuring the energy regulation to satisfy its customers as well as save the environment. Thus, it comes up with certain energy plans at the cheapest rates to gain its customer’s satisfaction.

Green Mountain Plans

Like other energy providers, Green Mountain Energy offers several energy plans having unique benefits and perks. Based on either fixed or variable rates, there are several plans that you may consider electrifying your home or organization.

Green Mountain Solar Energy Plan

With this energy plan, Green Mountain Energy sets aside some of your amount each month that is later invested in technological programs to make the solar energy reasonable and cheap.

Green Mountain Pollution Free Plan

Another best plan of Green Mountain Energy that helps you incorporate gadgets with the green energy such as water-conserving sprinklers, LED lights, or a Nest Learning Thermostat with no extra charges.

Green Mountain Carbon Offset Plan

This plan helps you calculate your carbon footprint and offset it with green energy.

About Cirro Energy

Founded in 2001 at Texas, Cirro Energy is known for its lowest energy rate plans in the market and convenient payment plans for its customers. The company introduces its fixed and variable rate energy plans that make the life of its customers green for choosing what option do they need and for how long? The energy deregulation mechanism helps the customers choose among the top plans based on the electricity rates and their needs.

Let’s take a look at the top energy plans of Cirro Energy!

Cirro Energy Fixed-Rate 6 Months

This short time the fixed-rate contract is certainly helpful if you are planning to move to some other place soon. It offers consistency and reliability at its bit to its customers.

Cirro Energy Fixed-Rate 12 Months

This one-year fixed-rate contract will help you enjoy all the benefits as that of a 6 months plan with cheap and low rates.

Cirro Energy Fixed-Rate 24 Months

This is certainly an amazing plan if you are living in a place for a longer duration. No longer you need to worry about power with this 24-month plan that ensures a lower fixed rate on your kWh.

Cirro Business Plans

Cirro Energy doesn’t forget its business-related customers. Thus, it comes up with several electricity plans to power your business. The following are some of the business electricity plans that you may consider for your company!

  • Smart Lock Business– Offers contract length between 3 months to 5 years to help you secure a simple and secure fixed-rate electricity option for your business.
  • Smart Flex Business Index– Allows you to follow the energy market prices at a fixed rate.
  • Smart Flex Business– Gives you the flexibility of choosing or terminating the contract without paying extra charges.

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