10 Best Anime Streaming Websites to Watch Free (2020)

 10 Best Anime Streaming Websites to Watch Free (2020)

There was a time when Anime was limited to Japan, but in 2020, Anime has its audience around the world. Millions of fans religiously follow their favorite Anime, and if you are one of those fans and looking for the best streaming websites to watch Anime, then we can help you. In this guide, we will share the 10 Best Streaming Websites to Watch Anime for free. Let’s get started.


Let’s start with the best free website to watch Anime, which is Crunchyroll. It comes with a massive collection of Anime where you will most probably find your favorite Anime.
The website comes with a forum as well where you will find the anime news, fan messages, and other related stuff. If we look at the interface, it’s not very refined, but it is good enough to use. You can watch the Anime on Crunchyroll for completely free, but it comes with ads. If you want, you can get the premium version, which will remove the ads and add some additional features.


GoGoAnime is one of the best MasterAnime alternative & streaming websites to watch Anime free. It comes with tons of great Anime shows, including the latest ones.
The website mainly focuses on Japanese Anime, and the collection comes in HD quality, which is a major plus. On top of that, it comes with some English animation series as well, which is a great advantage for the English audience. Overall, GoGoAnime is a great Anime website, and if you are looking for a free anime streaming website with a great collection, then it’s a solid option for you.


Funimation is another very capable Anime streaming website that comes with a great anime collection. It’s a completely legal anime platform, and it is only available in the US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.
So, if you are not from the mentioned countries, then you cannot access the platform. However, you can access it via a VPN.

You too can start your Funimation free trial offer now. Some popular titles that you can find on this highly rated platform include Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball Z, and more. The auto-recommend feature is also there to provide suggestions for anime shows you want to watch.


KissAnime is arguably one of the best streaming websites to watch Anime free. The best thing about KissAnime is that it offers access to high-quality Anime, and some series are dubbed in English, which is a major plus for the English audience.
If we look at the collection, the site comes with a decent collection of old Anime as well as the new Anime series. On top of that, the features such as bookmarking make it easier to keep track of your favorite series.


Netflix is not exactly a free anime website, but it does offer the free trial option which you can use to get free access to the platform.
The best thing about Netflix is that you will have access to high-quality content, and it regularly gets updated, which is a major plus. So, if you are an avid anime fan and looking for a platform that regularly gets updated with great anime content, then Netflix is surely the best option for you.
That’s all, folks. These are the Best streaming websites to watch Anime free. Now you tell us which anime streaming website you are going to pick? Let us know your answer in the comment section below. Also, visit our website for more useful guides.


This is another top-tier website for watching anime online that receives rave reviews and ratings. Do you want to stream your favorite movies or animated series in HD video? You should try Hulu. Unfortunately, the Hulu platform is not yet accessible to everyone.

However, people living in the US, the UK, parts of Asia, and Europe shouldn’t have such problems. Other locations may need to use VPN services.

Anime Heaven

Another awesome area where you can watch anime for free online is AnimeHeaven. Each episode comes with accurate English subtitles and can be viewed on popular web browsers and major streaming devices.

Besides streaming, the AnimeHeaven website also supports HD video downloads for offline viewing. Improve yourself because you won’t find any unnecessary sponsored ads interrupting your viewing experience.

Anime pace

Animepace is the best anime streaming site or the best free anime site or a trustworthy anime site. On Animepace, you will watch anime streaming in Full HD. Animepace also has a large collection of animation shows and movies. In these free anime sites online, you will see the anime list and search for everything that is absolutely free.

The anime also provides the latest episodes, anime roster, new season, on-demand anime, and popular anime shows or movies, and they also update and upload anime content daily. So if you want to go to these best anime sites, click above because it is one of the websites to watch anime absolutely free.


Masteranime is the best online anime website where you can watch anime online completely free. No downloads, no polls, and just instant premium anime streaming. The latest anime online and anime series and in the highest quality for you. Enjoy your favorite animes with Masteranime, Masterani’s updated responsive design: mobile interface, watch anime online on mobile devices! You can find other MasterAnime alternatives in this article.


This anime streaming site allows you to filter results based on available language. They currently have anime in Japanese, English, and Latin American Spanish, perfect for students!
While their Spanish anime library is slightly more limited than other resources, the anime available on HiDive may not be available in Spanish elsewhere.
Like many other streaming sites, you need a HiDive subscription to watch anime. However, there is a free trial if you want to try before you buy.

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