10 Best Al-Powered Mobile Apps

 10 Best Al-Powered Mobile Apps

Artificial intelligence is becoming famous in this era of advanced technology, and it is taking the world like a storm. This fantastic technology helps you to do your tasks quickly and efficiently.Al is used to developing both web-based and mobile-based applications.AL enables customized mobile apps, which helps to upgrade your experience.These apps are rapidly revolving around the market and have increased mobile usage. SEO consultancy helps the apps to come into play. Its work is bound to make the app find the way to go to the screen.

The ten best Al-Powered Mobile apps are listed below;

#1. Elsa

Elsa is a fantastic Al-Powerd application. This app helps you to learn English. Elsa is just like an English tutor that stores all your mistakes and makes you understand and assist accordingly. This app has many features, like voice recognization technology that listen to the learners and defines the words according to the rules of American English. It also makes you learn English on the intermediate level. This application helps you to speak English in an American accent and pronunciation

#2. Yuoper

This application is related to mental health care. This app is for both android and iOS users. Apps like yuoper are now being more popular. Youper is just like a mental health assistant that helps the person in their mental health, with the use of  Al powers gives the person supportive and understanding conversations. This apps allows you to schedule your regular health checkups, routines and workouts, and all the tasks related to your health.

#3. Cortana

Cortana is another most popular Al-powered app which Microsoft develops. This app has the features to record and save your data like videos, images, audio, documents, and files. It syncs your mobile device and also your PC. It also helps to track your important files from your smart device. This app gives you information about your favorite TV shows, sports, and series.

#4. Hopper

this app is for travel purposes. As you enter the required destination, this app gives you the most convenient travel dates on fares and even tells and predicts the prices of the specific trip whether it will be increased or decreased in the future. According to your search preferences, it also provides you with notifications on changing prices for viewed offers. The hopper app helps you find the cheaper and most convenient trip for you to travel.

#5. Meitu

This app can be the best for people who love to take photos, and this is a beauty app that can make your photos more beautiful. The app customizes your images with its advanced features and Al algorithms. It also includes the feature that adds blurry effects, background, filters, and other amazing effects to your photos. This app can be a favorite to the girls as it adds more beauty and makes the images magnificent.

#6. Cleo

This app helps you make your budget. It also provides you with information about your bank accounts, what amount of money has been spent and what is saved, calculates the expenses, and gives tips about saving your money. One of the exciting features is that it has two modes called Roasting up and Cheering up. When you put the mode on, like roasting up, the app will start giving lectures through the chat board on how to waste money, and you can also use the mode Cheering up when running out of money.

#7. Google Assistant

This Al-enabled Virtual assistant is a voice-based app. It is available in android Smartphones, fridges, headphones, and cars. Google Assistant canunderstand using Natural Language processing easily. The Google Assistant provides services like voice-activated control, voice search, information online, voice commands and making assignments, etc. it also gives the reminder and translations.

#8. eBay

eBay is Al powered app that provides you with the best shopping experiences. This app quickly understands what the context is and what the user wants to search for, and it gives the relevant lists of the goods. It helps to save the consumers time by making it in seconds, which gives the consumers satisfaction.The machine vision enables you tofind the product you are searching for with the pictures you added for the search request. It also helps the sellers to find out the relative cost and make the product sell faster,

#9. Flo

Today everyone has smartphones, and taking photos and making videos has become very common, and due to this, the idea and image editing apps are getting more popular.Flo is a fantastic app with a virtual assistant built-in that takes the shots by your locations, dates, and tags with voice and makes a quality video by inserting music in it. The app has Al algorithms that find out and variate the place, faces, and animals instantly.

#10. Calorie Mama Al

It is a food or meal planner app. this app takes the photo and automatically tells you about the calories the particular food has. It has a feature that can analyze your food and tell you about the number of calories of that food. The app can categorize the different vegetables and other food items and even the dishes like Asian, Amerian, western and European, etc.

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Wrapping Up!

Al-powered apps are being used worldwide, as these apps have made many exciting features that attract people. Now you can do many tasks quickly by having a tiny device in your hand that is your smartphone. The apps mentioned in the article have much demand in the market. However, this advanced feature creation is only possible when you have a mastermind full of skills and abilities. We hope that the Al-powered apps mentioned in the article will be helpful for you to do any of the tasks you want.

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