7 Quick Hacks To Improve Your Amazon Inventory Management

 7 Quick Hacks To Improve Your Amazon Inventory Management

Many sellers want to enhance reach to prospective customers. Yes, that’s critical as you cannot simply sell without reaching the buyers online. It is vital to reach and appeal to the buyer in conventional marketplaces. But it becomes even vital when we talk about selling online. This is why sellers working on eCommerce platforms would prefer to run PPC ads or will try search engine optimization to remain on top of the search results. But it is important to mention here that this is just the first part of the much vital sales process. One may fail to process the order if one lacks the right amount of stock in the warehouse. This is what makes inventory management look that crucial for the sellers on Amazon.

Once you have reached out to the buyer then it’s time to offer a tangible product. And, that tangible item needs to be there in the right quantity always. You are very likely to come across undue costs if you prefer to take piles of products that are not in demand or have never been demanded. Similarly, failing to retain an adequate amount of products can also prove detrimental. You will never be able to catch the right speed if you keep struggling with inventory management.

A professional Amazon agency can surely help you with appropriate inventory management solutions. But before proceeding let’s try to explore further why inventory management is that vital.

Why Amazon Inventory Management Is Essential?

Amazon will never wait for you to process your orders, it will never allow any extra time to bring inventory on an emergency basis. You can sell more of your products only when you have enough level of stock in the warehouse. You are very likely to lose the game and hence the competition if you fail to manage your inventory appropriately. It is crucial to keep the stock ticking to keep up with the order processing pace.

  • You will lose good product reviews if you fail to keep processing orders on a quick basis. Amazon keeps an eye on your ability to process orders. It shows the products in the organic search results that belong to the sellers with a good repute for order processing
  • Inventory costs are likely to pile up if you fail to scale your stock appropriately. Amazon FBA might prove useful in such a scenario.
  • You are very likely to lose shoppers if you tend to say no to the person ready to place the order.
  • Spoilage is very likely to increase if no better inventory management system is at work.

7 Quick Hacks To Improve The Amazon Inventory Management

The following quick hacks will let you keep up with the orders placed online. They will allow you to take control of the stocks and will let you manage multiple sales channels at the same time.

1. Try Consulting An Amazon Agency

You might have attended a lot of seminars to know about how Amazon works for the sellers. But a mere reading of the material is something else and working on the accounts is a different thing altogether. Experts working in Amazon agencies have time-tested solutions for newbies. They can offer innovative ideas to the experts as well. Getting assistance from an agency will always prove productive. It will help establish a sustainable solution for your stock. You can develop a permanent system by taking expert advice from the professionals working at an Amazon agency. A range of options is available for you at www.olifantdigital.com. You can simply log on to the site to know how to manage your inventory in an organized manner.

2. Use Inventory Management Software

Inventory management is quite a trickier task without any exaggeration. You would always need an expert person to deal with this phenomenon. But Amazon inventory management software can also help. It will offer you the solutions you need to keep the right amount of stocks in your warehouses. Some tools like Forecastly will let you forecast your inventory while Sellics is always there to manage order processing. Tools like Stich Labs will let you add new sales channels and will streamline inventory across all different channels. You can also try Veeqo for an enhanced e-commerce inventory management experience.

3. Keep An Eye On The Inventory Turnover Rate

How fast you sell on Amazon or how swiftly your products get out of your warehouse defines your inventory turnover rate. You can adjust your inventory by taking a look at how fast your products move out of your warehouse. Your selling process or the sales channel data can help you figure out the turnover rate. It is necessary to integrate the stocks with the turnover rate to keep the right quantity of items in stock. You can avoid undue costs by keeping the right quantities.

4. Understand Supply Chain, Lead Times

The supply chain refers to the entity that is used to produce goods for you. At times a single entity is producing and selling the goods. But on many other occasions, producers are different from sellers. The lead time on the other hand is the time taken by the items to reach your warehouse. By understanding the lead time and supply chain you can surely place the orders at the right time.

5. Plan For Seasonal Sales Fluctuations

The demand for a particular set of products is likely to increase or decrease in relation to a specific season. This is where you need to make adjustments. You can figure out the sale to keep up with the orders.

6. Consider Drop-Shipping As An Alternative

Drop-shipping is such a useful alternative to stock taking. You can involve in a mutually beneficial relationship with your supplier where the supplier will drop the items on your behalf directly to the buyer. It can also reduce the burden and can add efficiency to the process.

7. Be Strategic With Offers And Deals

It is always good to adopt the strategies of the big entities like the one you are working at. You can offer deals and offers just like Amazon to grow your business on this platform. You can clear inventory by offering free shipping or by cutting the price of the packages.

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