Modern Millionaires Course – Some Pros and Cons

 Modern Millionaires Course – Some Pros and Cons

The internet is full of blog posts, videos, courses and training programs teaching you to earn passive income. The blog posts, videos, and some training programs are free but there are some that can cost quite a lot. But you will get what you are paying for. However, you need to be extra careful when going for a paid program like The Modern Millionaires. 

Read these pros and cons before signing up for the program.


Auto Pilot:

The thing I liked the most about any course or online income method is that it can be run on an auto pilot. Because you cannot scale a business if you have to be involved all the time. Without an autopilot you will just be working as a freelancer. And you can charge as much as you want for your time or services but you will never be able to earn as much as a business. This is why, if you are looking for a six figure or seven figure income, you need a system that can be run on autopilot. Modern Millionaires have an entire module that talks about the autopilot system.

Google Ads:

Google Ads are becoming more and more expensive but there’s still a lot you can achieve. The fact that you can target “Searches” allows you to target potential customers like no other advertising method. So, these people are a lot more likely to convert into leads (and lead generation and lead flipping is what the course is all about)

Facebook Ads:

Facebook ads can also be targeted based on the age, gender, and interests of the users. This is again invaluable information when you are aiming for lead generation. Together, Google Ads and Facebook Ads provide a combo that is hard to achieve in traditional forms of advertising. Modern Millionaires course gives you a step by step guide on using ads to get targeted traffic and convert them into leads.

Lead Nurturing

Another very important part of this course is the lead nurturing. Not many people will leave their contact details the first time they land on your website or landing page. You should know how to capture and nurture leads if you really want to make the most of your paid traffic.


The biggest thing that might stop some people from benefiting from the course is the cost of training. It is not one of those typical courses that are available for $100 or $500. It’s a lot more than that so the cost is high.  

Luckily, you do not want huge investment to start the business using the method described in the course (i.e. lead flipping). You will have to spend some time choosing the right niche and prospecting clients, and then, you can start with a small investment of a few hundred dollars before you can start to generate leads.

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