Start your own Web Hosting Business with Linux Reseller Hosting

 Start your own Web Hosting Business with Linux Reseller Hosting

Do you want to start your own web hosting business and not be able to establish your own data centre because of some funds issues. If yes then don’t worry you are at the right place. Here we have a perfect solution for you with which you can start your web hosting or reseller business in low investment.

To start a web hosting you need a physical server or hosting where you can distribute a small part of hosting to your clients on your decided packages. So that you can get a high revenue with your own business. I think that Reseller Hosting is the best choice in 2021 and to enhance your hosting services you can also pick Linux os with your reseller hosting package. Linux is an open-source system that enhances the stability and service quality of your plan. It gives a wide range of options to the users to set up and configure the server the way they desire while allowing various other privileges.

So you can build your own web hosting business with Linux Reseller Hosting at the cheap price and advanced technology. We have presented the step-wise guide in this article to provide you with the insights to start your web hosting business.

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Steps for starting your own Web Hosting Business

Step 1: Establish business aims

The first step to initiate your web hosting business is to set the business goals and give it the right direction. So that further steps can be taken with ease to build and expand the business.

Step 2: Find out your target audience

Next, you need to figure out your target audience according to your niche. It helps to open the door for those looking for the same services you are willing to provide. You will also get to know what strategies you can build to market your product and services to them.

Step 3: Examine your competitors in the market

When you analyze your competitors in the market, you understand how the market changes and how you can mould yourself into it. You also acquire ideas about how you can approach the customers in different ways.

Step 4: Determine your brand name

The brand name is essential as it represents the company. You need to be thoughtful and creative while determining your brand name, as it will help you stand out among your competitors.

Step 5: Pick the domain name and create your website

Ensure that the domain name is easy to spell and remember for your targeted audience and the design of your website is approachable.

Step 6: Install an SSL certificate

The SSL certificate will seal your confidential data amd make your website safe and secure. It will help encrypt your information so that only the final server can access it.

How Wisesolution helps you?

The Wise Solution helps its users by rendering the best Linux reseller hosting service to let them begin with a web hosting business. The company’s professionals enable start-ups and beginners to have the cost-effective solution under their budget by providing them with cheap Linux reseller hosting and unlimited Linux reseller hosting plans.

Here are some of the specifications of WiseSolution that makes it the best Linux reseller hosting provider –

It renders the free SSL certificate.

SSL certificate

Every online business has two primary concerns. One is building trust in the customers. The other is to have business security. The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate helps to achieve both customer trust and business security. If the website incorporates the SSL certificate, it can automatically grab the customers’ trust as the certification ensures that the site is safe and secure. Therefore, along with the cheap Linux reseller hosting service, the company gives the highly encrypted SSL certificate.

It provides SSD storage.

The company helps the business to fulfil the requirements by rendering the high SSD storage space. The SSD storage provided by the Wisesolution’s server enhances and raises the performance of your sites. By hosting your website on the company’s server, you give your website the possibility to operate at the twenty times faster speed.

It offers a free site builder.

The users get the authority to create and customize the website the way they want. The Wise Solution offers a broad collection range of website templates. You can choose your favourite theme and begin to build the website by simply dragging and dropping. Moreover, you can find further in-built site builder tools, which makes the process easier.

It secures email accounts.

secures email accounts

The Linux reseller hosting offered by the company enables you to have secure POP3/IMAP emails. You have the privilege to build free email accounts for your website whenever you want and require. The most significant benefit you can acquire with this webmail service is secure and straightforward access to the top three webmail clients: Horde, SquirrelMail, and RoundCube.

It provides a cPanel control panel.

The user gets the web-based and robust cPanel to maintain the website. The company’s unlimited Linux reseller far-reaching hosting, you get the advantage of executing multiple tasks by cataloguing processes. You can efficiently utilize the resources while having the cPanel, which will permit you to create email accounts, FTP accounts, databases, etc.

It brings you the one-click installer.

Running the business demands time and efforts. To let the users utilize their time and efforts effectively, the company provides the best Softaculous installer. This installer saves the users’ precious time by giving them the option to install the software in one click. You can easily install various apps under the cheap Linux reseller hosting plan, such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, and many more.

It enables instant account setup.

While opting for the Linux reseller hosting plans, you receive the opportunity to set up your online business instantly. You do not have to waste any time, make the payment, and after getting the process done, you will receive the instant welcome email. The email will comprise the account login details through which you can begin operating further.

It provides malware and virus protection.

The company is hectic, problematic and fearful can be the case of losing data and hacked sites. That is why it provides your Linux reseller hosting plans with advanced security patches that keep your site secure from malware and viruses. You will not have to take the stress of losing any valuable data. Your site and its files will be at the secure backend.

It supplies the data centre choice.

Fortunately, the company gives the user the possibility to select the nearest location to your targeted audience. You can pick the data centre close to your potential places. It will help in experiencing the best network and allow the company to draw more users. Also, your website will run fast as it becomes comfortable to deliver the services.

It presents the latest PHP and MySQL.

While picking the best Linux reseller hosting plan for your business, you will have the choice to host your website on a robust and high stable platform that is most compatible with the latest PHP and MySQL versions. The company renders everything an online business can require and serves more than the user’s expectation.


The Linux reseller hosting is the most reliable and cost-effective solution under the company Wise Solution to start your own web hosting business.  The company will render the robust server to handle every operation with ease and security. You can connect with trained and experienced professionals of the company for finding various other solutions related to your web hosting business queries.

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