Modern Cheating in Exams

 Modern Cheating in Exams

Any half-witted person will tell you that smart work is always better than hard work. So if you are a techy person and are always on a constant lookout for methods to deal with this annoying world with the most up to date technology. Then I have to show you some of the most brilliant exam devices using which you will most definitely get through the exam may it be of any kind. these devices are absolutely foolproof and no invigilator will ever get even the slightest idea of these being used.

Getting through different examinations and passing them using smart work instead of cramming all the books has been in practice from times Unmemorable. But in today’s technology, you simply don’t need to remember even a single word and get the highest grading in any exam using these few gadgets that we’re going to show you.

Just too big in it the first and foremost problem while sitting in an exam is to transmit out the exam question paper or the question being displayed on LCD monitor And transmitting it out to someone who is sitting with all the reference books and material open outside of the examination Hall. As the paper is always not shown to anyone before it is given to the candidates to solve it out and speaking in a mic is absolutely not an option for a candidate sitting in an examination. Because sooner or later one will most surely get noticed if that person is continuously talking to someone or even to his or her own self relaying some of the questions. This major hurdle is overcome by the efficient solution of using a mini camera and by a mini camera we absolutely do not mean a camera about the size of a smartphone or a mobile device or anything like that which you would be worried about and yet still the quality of the transmitted image will never ever be compromised.

The mini cameras nowadays have the outlook of a simple button used in the clothing so you can place them looking like a normal button anywhere on your shirt over in your cuff sleeves and nobody will ever notice something unusual about it. Beneath the button looking structure, there is only a chip of few centimeters. This little piece of the invention can do marvels beyond the thought of the common man. This little device can transmit live data do anywhere where it has been connected and by live data we mean here not a blurry and out of focus Shadow. What this device offers you is a 4K Ultra HD image transmitted out of the exam screen displayed on an LCD or the question paper printed out in front of you and it has got autofocus in it. So no need to worry about the positioning of the camera or the focus of the lens. It will do it all by itself and every 30 seconds it gives out a 4K HD image right directly deposited to the person who has been synchronized to receive it.

Audio transmission although considered impossible in the primitive ways of cheating has now become entirely practical and a very efficient way to be used with the help of modern technology. you can find skin-colored micro technology that conveys your audio signals back to the Bluetooth.

Bluetooth and other devices often have a lot of interference going through and you cannot get the signals on a very long range. but not worry because this problem has been got covered in a very practical way. GSM network has now been employed. This network technology is used in cell phones and mobile phones so you can imagine that the transmit range of this device is limitless.

You can get the best of these gadgets from this website.

The best device that you can get is a combination of all the systems in a single toolkit. This toolkit offers you a very small and lightweight battery which is also skin-colored and undetectable and it can power this whole system for continuous 4 hours. This is the maximum limit for any of competitive test time. so this can last your whole exam transmitting and relaying signals and also powering all of the peripheral devices including the camera attached to it, the circuits and the microphones all of these are available in multiple functions and ranges which you can choose from

So what are you waiting for go search out the website and grab the latest technology and be free from all the tensions of your mind also if you need more knowledge then you should read examdevices to get the latest information about the latest devices.

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