Here is How to get Facebook New Hug Emoji

 Here is How to get Facebook New Hug Emoji

Facebook is launching new care reactions on the Messenger App and Facebook App to help you show your support during this pandemic.
Presently, there are seven reaction emoji on the Messenger app that is Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, Angry, thumbs up and thumbs down. Messenger is getting a new pulsating/vibrating heart reaction emoji, that will change the original heart emoji. New heart emoji can be used to show your family and friends more love and care.
While there are only six reaction emoji on Facebook that is Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, and Angry since 2016. A new Hug Reaction or Cuddle Reaction, emoji has been launched as a seventh reaction emoji. The new hug emoji is cuddling a heart to express the feelings and emotions as many people are separated from their loved ones during this pandemic. It can be used to react to posts, comments, images, and videos. It will work on the Facebook desktop and Facebook mobile app.
Fidji Simo, head of the Facebook mobile App told the National UAE about the new reaction as

New Hug Emoji

We originally launched our set of reactions because people told us they wanted to express themselves in more ways than just through likes and comments – they wanted to be able to express how they felt

How to Get Hug Reaction on Facebook App

New Hug Reaction on Facebook
Facebook Cuddle Reaction or Hug Reaction is a emoji where it is cuddling a heart. It is being rolled out to users of the Facebook App slowly however if you are a Facebook Beta User there are chances that you may get it a bit earlier. You can always join the Beta for Android and Beta for iOS through some simple steps. Still, there isn’t any way to get the new hug reaction immediately. You will have to wait until it is rolled out for everyone and the good news is that it is expected that the new hug reaction will be rolled out this week.
New reactions are much-appreciated additions giving the circumstances we are going through and are forced to use social media to connect with each other. I hope we will use new hug reaction on Facebook soon while you can enjoy the vibrating heart right now.

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