Are You Looking for a Small Business Web Design Company?

 Are You Looking for a Small Business Web Design Company?

Do you have any business idea or product but don’t know whether you will be able to market it or not? Not sure if you need an informational small business website design or an e-commerce website? Well, no need to worry! Here we are for you! My name is Steve Davidson. Our team develops exceptional small business web designs or websites that are cheap, competitive, and mobile-friendly. No matter your business is on a small or large scale, we always care about you and try our utmost to make your business website successful. We offer the best web design packages having social media integration and use the most recognized SEO tools to make your content search engine optimized (SEO).

What Steps Do We Follow to Create Your Website Design?

We always make sure that your designed website leaves your audience forever your clients and generates large revenues. For that, I take all the details regarding your business idea, your target audience and market, your website and logo, and many other details. With this, we can give you an idea of what website design package should you avail and if you need some custom add-ons. Afterward, our team design almost 10 different draft logos and take your opinion on them. The one which you like the most, we go with it and start designing your website while continuously taking your feedback.

What do Our Business Designs include?

We provide business web design and websites for both new and established business companies, with pages ranging from 3 to 20 pages, starting at a cheap cost of £369.99. However, the website design packages that we offer vary in prices based on the number of pages they include.

You will get from our business web designs following:

  • Free business web hosting for 1 year
  • domain for 1 year
  • Free SSL certificate for 1 year

After 1-year web hosting, domain and SSL certificate cost only £4.99 ex VAT per month. Hosting designed for WordPress speed includes time-saving daily automated backups of your website.

Our Policy for Attracting Your Customers

To generate traffic and attract your customers, we also prefer adding an explainer animated video that will make your business stand out. Costs for a single 30-second video usually starts from only £199.99. To provide an insight into the audience, we also add voice over to your animated explainer videos. Our expert team illustrators can speak in multiple languages to make your content easily understandable to your target audience. Usually, we prefer your choice of selecting the language and the most appropriate-sounding voice from our team. Once you select your desired artist, we send them the final script for a recording that usually takes 2-3 days. Or if you want to record your voiceover, we completely respect that!

“If you want to save time and get your work done the right way, we’re the ones you should approach. We always put our customer’s satisfaction above everything and the point is not just to money but to help someone in the right way. We always analyze our tasks; which audience is to be targeted and how can we help you out more. Our designed websites also contain the bonus of Kick-ass SEO thrown in for your landing page.”

What If the Offered Packages Don’t Fit Your Requirements?

If our offered packages for your designed website don’t satisfy your needs or are different than we have set out in the fixed packages, we can also provide tailored websites or tailored plans and packages that are quite affordable and cheap in costs.

Unique Website Content and Brand Name

The unique website content and brand name always attract and provide value to the customers. Thus, we ensure to provide you the best quality website content that can achieve excellent results from the search engines including Google.

How Can You Update Your Site?

To get your web page to a number one ranking, we usually research about the type of audience that you target and use white hat SEO techniques to make it competitive. Unlikely other web designers, we can give you access to the control panel and website using the WordPress content management system to update the content or add images to your site.

How Can You Contact?

You can contact us via Zoom, a messaging application, and can share your feedback, queries, or concerns.

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