5 Situations When you Need Two Way Radio

 5 Situations When you Need Two Way Radio

A two way radio is a kind of radio that transmits and receives radio waves. This device consists of a transmitter and receiver in a single unit. It is used for voice communication from person to person with similar radios. Two way radios are seen in many gadgets such as base stations, mobiles, and other handheld models. They are often known as walkie talkies.

This device is used by a group of people that are geographically separated but need continuous communication. Such as aircraft pilots, emergency services, etc. A two way radio operates in a half-duplex mode means only one person communicates at a time.

The radio usually uses receive mode so the user can hear all the transitions on the channel. If any of the users wants to talk, he presses the “ push-to-talk” button. In this way, the receiver turns off, and the transmitter turns on. With the availability of advanced technology, two way radio seems ancient. But these devices are a reliable form of communication when it comes to natural disasters, storms, etc. It is what we are going to discuss in this article.

The following are the situations where a two way radio is a must thing to communicate. Let’s start. 

1. On a Military Mission

In any military operation, a two way radio is very essential. It enables the communication between officers and troops. Its main usage in military operations is to inform soldiers about any danger, requesting medical assistance and other relevant stuff. Officers use this device to command orders and to discuss sensitive information. 

2. Trekking on a Mountain

When you are miles away, you need help, and you’re out of network signals, then a two way radio is your backup solution. No doubt mountain treks are risky, so you definitely need a radio with you. In this way, it will be easy for you to communicate with your other team members instead of shouting or walking over them. 

3. Crowd Control 

This device is also very necessary in places where there are huge crowds. In many situations, crowds go out of control and caused the worst damage. Two way radios are the safest device for such situations. Security staff can easily report and manage incidents relying on their radio devices. 

4. On a Building Site

Building sites, if not properly managed, can cause danger. Radios are again the safest device to manage different staff across sites. They also help in completing projects fastest and more efficiently.

5. Managing Public Transport

Imagine how public transport can be managed without radio communication. Radio devices play a significant role when it comes to managing public transport. Radio devices ensure to provide organized and safe run. These devices are used in airports, train networks, and in other transport platforms all over the world.

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