Increase Typing Speed

Do you have a computer job and want to increase your typing speed? Are you a student but overburdened with so many assignments that you can’t afford to write each, thus looking for becoming a typing master? Or you are working in a public organization where you have to make bundles of reports and bills without errors but have slow typing speed? Certainly, you are worried and looking for a solution here? Well, yes, we guarantee that you are at the right place! Our website offers typing for dummies to make you the master of typing through its various tests. Here we will also brief you about the strategies that you can adopt to become a typing master.

Typing Speed Test

If you are a beginner, you can analyze your current typing speed and typing accuracy by taking the typing speed test regularly available on our website. This will help you to monitor your performance as the days pass by. For your convenience and better remembering your progress, you can simply put a bookmark on the lesson which is an effective strategy for typing for dummies.

How Can You Monitor Your Score?

Well, the best source to track your performance is to count your words per minute, where when you do some error, your words per minute are reduced by one. The second tool to analyze your performance is through accuracy percentage – the number of words you got right as compared to the total number of words you typed. Our website entirely supports typing for dummies by offering self-paced typing tutorials to improve your dexterity, strengthening your key proficiency with practice texts and dictations, and helping to increase your speed and accuracy via fun typing games.

Some Tips for How Can You Type Fast?

For typing fast, your sitting posture, home row position, and fingers motion; everything matters. Your fingers should always be on their respective place on keyboard. Amazingly, by practicing several times, your fingers will remember their specific location on keyboard through muscle memory. No longer, you will need to look at the keyboard to type whatever you want! Instead, fast typing for dummies becomes considerably easier while following the below-mentioned tips.

Sitting Posture for Typing

Typing fast has much to do with how you sit and keep your back position. In order to enhance your typing speed, following are some tips regarding sitting posture that you may follow:

  • Always keep your back straight while sitting on chair.
  • Keep your elbows bent at right angle, your face slightly tilted forward, and keeping 45 – 70 cm distance from screen.

Home Row Position

Place your curved fingers on the keyboard’s home row i.e. ASDF (left hand) and JKL (right hand). This is from where you start and return while typing.

Fingers Motion

You should never look at the keys while typing; that’s too exhausting and time-wasting. Instead, imagine the keys in your mind, limit your hand and fingers movement to specific keys, and try to keep them close to the base position!


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