Best On-demand App Ideas To Consider In The ‘New’ Normal [Top 8 Ideas]

 Best On-demand App Ideas To Consider In The ‘New’ Normal [Top 8 Ideas]

The market for on-demand apps has seen a new high since the COVID-19 pandemic. The comfort of availing doorstep services, coupled with the accessibility to a wide range of services, propels the market for on-demand apps. It is estimated that almost 3.8 billion people will have access to smartphones by the end of 2021. As an icing to the cake, the market for on-demand apps will reach a massive $335 billion value by 2025.

Even people who hesitated to use on-demand apps have realized the importance and convenience of these platforms. Hence, an entrepreneur with a ground-breaking idea to launch an on-demand app can scale his/her business in no time, gaining an irreplaceable position among the audience. This blog discusses the best on-demand app ideas to consider in the post-COVID-19 world.

#1 On-demand app for Taxis

While many believe COVID-19 has restricted the market scope for ride-hailing apps, it has created a ‘level-playing’ field for entrepreneurs to compete with Uber & Lyft. With almost every taxi company beginning from square one after lockdown relaxations, an entrepreneur with a trendsetting on-demand taxi app can gain an irreplaceable position among the audience.

Be wary of the fact that the ‘trust’ factor isn’t always easy to acquire. Tackling the COVID-19 issue can enhance customer trustworthiness comprehensively.

#2 On-demand app for Grocery delivery 

Arguably, the fastest-growing segment, grocery delivery apps are thriving and growing in popularity and revenue among the audience. Apps like Instacart, Walmart Grocery, Shipt, etc., have witnessed a massive surge in customer orders since the lockdown situation. Even in the ‘new’ normal, people will stick with grocery delivery apps as they can access a wide range of products from a single place.

The critical factor, in this case, lies in providing an unparalleled grocery shopping experience. Features like virtual cart, multiple payment options, compare products, etc., are some engaging features that can come in handy.

#3 On-demand app for Food delivery

‘Desperate’ is the right term for those restaurants that are looking for ways to reach out to their potential customers. The online bridge is the only way to reconstruct the sustained functioning of restaurants. With an on-demand app for food delivery, people get to satisfy their taste buds, and restaurants get to steer their business towards the path of recovery. Uber’s attention towards UberEats, Grubhub signing up with 20,000 restaurants in a month following the pandemic, the UberEats-Postmates deal, etc., are all positive signs for the sector.

Encouraging contactless delivery options, providing safety gear to service providers, scrutinizing restaurants on safety standards, etc., can help safeguard the community and gain a strong market presence.

#4 On-demand app for Home services

Ever imagined a sector could grow with a CAGR of 49%? Well, the global market for online home services forecasts such massive growth. In this fast-paced world where people do not have the time or energy to access service professionals, having an on-demand home services app can be an ideal way to access a wide range of professionals in a single place. Apps like Urban Company, TaskRabbit, HouseJoy, etc., have made a mark for themselves in the sector.

Ensure that you build the app based on the Buyer-pick model, enabling users to choose the type of service as well as service professionals based on their preferences.

#5 On-demand apps for Doctors

One of the notable aspects of the pandemic situation is the massive rise of telemedicine apps. People stranded in their homes demand doctor consultations remotely, which has led to widespread traffic towards apps like Practo, Zocdoc, etc. With functionalities like EHR, these telemedicine platforms eliminate paperwork and pave the way for transparency and security. Moreover, people needn’t wait to avail of doctor appointments. With just a few taps on their smartphones, they can schedule bookings with the top practitioners based on their availability.

Securing user details and sensitive information is crucial here. Encrypting servers and databases, a.k.a., having a robust back-end, can do the trick for an entrepreneur.

#6 On-demand apps for Tutors

Another on-demand sector that has gained the spotlight among entrepreneurs like the Uber-like app for Tutors. With e-learning becoming inevitable, people demand tutor services via the online medium, making the system more reliable and convenient. Users can sort tutors based on their specialization, pricing, rating, etc. With features like in-app chat, multimedia sharing, etc., users clarify their doubts with top tutors effortlessly.

Having an encouraging pricing system and encompassing a wide range of tutors can help entrepreneurs establish their presence in the flourishing sector.

#7 On-demand app for Alcohol Delivery

Alright! Modern problems demand modern solutions. With almost every popular pub and liquor store shutting down due to COVID-19 restrictions, people find it increasingly difficult to spend their leisure time without booze. It is at this time alcohol delivery apps like Drizzly experienced a tremendous increase in order volumes. Leveraging the online medium can be an ideal way out to enable people to enjoy doorstep alcohol deliveries.

Culminating in a wide range of liquor stores and promising accurate deliveries can be the key to unrestricted growth for an alcohol delivery app.

#8 On-demand app for Multiple Services

Here comes the game-changer – Super app! Now that on-demand apps are becoming inevitable, people find it difficult to switch between multiple apps for different services. What if there’s a way to encompass numerous services under one roof? With advancements in modern technology, this is very much a possibility. An ultra-modern Gojek clone app can integrate more than 50+ services in it seamlessly.

Ensure that the app design is simple, and users find their desired services in a flash. In doing so, you’ll have access to unrestricted revenue.


On-demand apps are the future of services. Traditional businesses are finding a way to explore the online medium to stay engaged with their target audience. The market will continue to grow in numbers, expecting new players to make their presence in the evergreen sector. Consider these ideas, reach out to an expert app development company, and launch an on-demand app that is robust, user-friendly, and reliable.

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