Top 12 Healthcare Technology Start-ups to Know

 Top 12 Healthcare Technology Start-ups to Know


Galileo Health is an innovative healthcare technology start-up focused on improving patient experience and convenience. Its platform improves the dialogue between patients and doctors and is free for everyone. The company also aims to reduce errors and latency, ensuring high uptime for its users.

The company offers mobile and web-based medical care services, including daily care, ongoing care, and consulting. Founded in New York, Galileo uses an integrated marketing strategy to promote its healthcare technology products to the growing market. It uses tools like CB Insights to identify and connect with buyers. It leverages analyst insight to develop its ESP matrix.

Patients highly rate Galileo’s care model, which makes expert primary and specialty care accessible and affordable. Galileo uses inbound marketing campaigns to drive new patient volume. The company also offers features like clinical visit scheduling, interdisciplinary team-based care, and system-based problem-solving.

Parsley Health

Parsley Health is a subscription-based medical company that takes an integrative approach to patient care. It offers whole-body treatments, advanced diagnostic testing, and personalized health plans. Customers can access teleconsultations with their doctors using the company’s online dashboard.

Parsley Health operates clinics in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. It is one of the few medical practices in WeWork, which puts it in front of its target audience. It has only one doctor in each office, and its New York clinic has a waitlist. The company’s mission is to better the health and well-being of people.

Members of the Parsley Health club can choose a doctor and health coach for themselves. They can change these pairings at any time. Parsley Health’s primary care team is focused on building relationships with patients.


Tempus is a genomic testing company that has access to more than 50 petabytes of clinical data. This data is mined to improve drug development, and the company has partnerships with over 120 biopharmaceutical companies and more than half of the U.S.’s academic medical centers. The company aims to create a more personalized approach to medicine. Its latest innovations include the Tempus ONE handheld device, which provides real-time access to clinical insights. The company also recently launched the Lens platform, enabling on-demand clinical data access.

Another company to watch is GHX, a global solutions provider specializing in improving healthcare operations’ efficiency. GHX helps hospitals reduce costs by automating business processes and improving patient care through its GHX Global Network. The company has saved the healthcare industry $5 billion since 2010 by simplifying the healthcare supply chain. It is expanding its services to include data management and business and clinical systems integration.

The company also provides online appointment booking and quick searches for healthcare providers. In addition, it partners with community healthcare systems to collect and organize clinical data. The data is then used in research projects to understand the causes of different illnesses and identify appropriate treatments. The company also sells de-identified patient data to pharmaceutical companies.

Global Healthcare Exchange

Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX) is a new Platinum Sponsor of HIS talk 2018. Global Healthcare Exchange has pioneered the healthcare industry’s first cloud-based supply chain network, which connects over ten thousand healthcare organizations representing eighty percent of licensed beds in the U.S. and 85% of medical-surgical products used in healthcare delivery. The GHX platform is designed to streamline the healthcare supply chain and improve clinical outcomes.

GHX has a wealth of experience in the healthcare supply chain, including conducting an annual healthcare supply chain summit. This conference brings together participants from across the industry and addresses pressing issues such as delivering more efficient care and reducing costs for providers. The healthcare industry is increasingly data-driven, and GHX is working to address these challenges.

GHX has aggressive goals and has engaged Auction IQ, a business process outsourcing company, to improve its cost model and save money. Its Chief Financial Officer, Rob Gillespie, is an innovative leader with a strong team of SMEs. The company works with over five thousand healthcare providers and 950 suppliers in the U.S. and Europe.

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