How Bright are the Opportunities for Starting an On-Demand Multi-Service App Like Gojek

 How Bright are the Opportunities for Starting an On-Demand Multi-Service App Like Gojek

Suppose we were to time travel and let someone know that a single device effectively replaced the alarm clock, the calculator, the music player, the video recorder, the camera, the calendar, and the mail system. In that case, they might find it hard to digest the fact. If it can happen in the world of technology and utility, it can happen to the world of mobile applications as well.

While the language above seems futuristic, this business model has already been achieved by a lot of companies belonging to South and Southeast Asia. WeChat from China and MyJio from India can be quoted as examples. However, the leading position belongs to the from Indonesia called Gojek.

Such apps like Gojek that provide multiple utilities under a single umbrella are referred to as super applications or super apps.

A bit about Gojek

Most of the mobile app innovation has happened in and around San Francisco. However, the viability and profitability of super apps lost demonstrated by Gojek, an Indonesian app. Gojek started as a small call center managing about 20 bike taxis, known as ‘Ojek’ in Indonesia.

Today, the company offers more than 20 different services spread across multiple utilities, including but not limited to transportation, food delivery, parcel pick up and transportation, household services, fuel delivery, restaurant and food festivals, event ticketing, massage services, and a lot more. Gojek also offers micro-financing services.

The company with such humble beginnings has added a lot of feathers to its cap over time. It has a formidable portfolio of investors like Google and Tencent. Gojek is valued at close to $10 million and is the first Indonesian unicorn. It has expanded its services across Southeast Asia in countries like the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia. It has also set up its development office in Bangalore, India.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Gojek has been instrumental in transforming Indonesia’s economic status. The company has slowly been responsible for increasing the average GDP per capita of Indonesia. It also provides a lot of employment opportunities, making Indonesia’s economy take an upturn.

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The benefits of an app like Gojek

Generally, any app like Uber makes a massive profit from the commissions. If an app that offers a single utility can make so much of a profit from commissions, imagine the possibilities of profit with an app that offers multiple services.

In addition to the outright profitability, there are many advantages that an app like Gojek brings along.

When a new app or a utility within the app is introduced, you do not have to spend a fortune in marketing the new utility. However, with a nifty app like Gojek, you do not have to spend a lot of money. You already start with a massive number of users who have signed up with your app. It makes the process of introducing a new app a lot easier and smoother.

A lot of people are aware of the existence of super haps like Gojek and WeChat. They end up creating mini-programs designed to integrate easily with the existing Gojek ecosystem. On one side, it gives the app developers a chance to gain better visibility. What makes this offering better is that the app business does not have to invest anything in creating new utilities. The network of app developers takes care of it themselves.

Although it might not be visible on the surface, one of the most significant advantages of an app like Gojek is the value of data it provides. Based on the spending patterns of users, the app can profile them according to their financial capacities. This makes it easy to disburse microfinance and loans to these users. The quick availability of data ensures that the loan is processed quickly, and the default rates are kept to a minimum.

With so many business benefits, it is not a thing of wonder that a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs have been contemplating launching an app like Gojek.

How do apps like Gojek generally work?

Uber designed the skeleton of the working model of any on-demand app and even super apps like Gojek. There are three entities involved in the app’s functioning so that, the user, the service provider, and the administrator.

Every entity is given an exclusive app, and the app functions to make the job easier for them.

  • The user can download the app and sign up using either their email address and phone number or existing credentials like that of Google or Facebook. The registration creates a profile for them from where they can access the history of all their transactions.
  • They will be provided with an interface where they can choose the service they want, and once they choose the service, they will be able to see all the service providers in the vicinity.
  • They can avail of the service in the comfort and confines of their homes. After the service is done, they can make a payment using digital payment methods like credit cards, debit cards, Internet banking, and wallets.
  • They are also given the facility to review and rate the service provider for their work and professional quality.
  • Just like the user, the service provider is also given an exclusive app that they can quickly sign up for. However, an authentication and identity verification process is involved, so the app’s brand image is not jeopardized.
  • It is to be understood that the service provider is, in most cases, a gig worker who looks for an additional source of income. Therefore, they should be given the flexibility to choose their workers and also accept or reject service requests.
  • They should be able to transfer their earnings to their bank accounts without any hassle or delay.
  • Just like customers, service providers should also be able to review their experience of providing the service. This will ensure that the entire ecosystem stays democratic, and the customers do not cross the limits with service providers.
  • The administrator is responsible for maintaining the app and all its functionality.
  • The administrator should be provided with a unique dashboard that gives all the vital information. The information includes but is not limited to the total earnings, the total number of active service providers and customers, and every other piece of information like the commission rate. It is to be remembered that the commission rate determines the magnitude of your profit. Still, at the same time, it should be kept nominal enough, so the service providers do not resort to engaging with your competition.
  • The administrator has the power to control the content of the app, the promotions, the offers, and discounts.
  • They can also suspend or disable users and service providers in case of any malicious behavior.
  • They are also responsible for customer support, and if need be, can delegate it to a team.

Maximizing utility of the app

Along with great power comes great responsibility. If your app is set to provide multiple services, your app is naturally susceptible to many malicious activities. Simple steps like limiting the service provider’s radius of service and the user, and excluding notorious areas from being serviced by using geofencing techniques, can go along way in ensuring good quality services.


We have already seen that an app like Gojek is the apple of the eye for many aspiring entrepreneurs. One of the key steps in building an app like Gojek is the process of development. Building the app from scratch, however, is quite demanding and cumbersome. Alternatively, you can consider using a white label Gojek clone.

A white label clone is easy to customize, and it can be garnished with all the elements of your brand. In addition, the Gojek clone app script ensures that there are no bugs that might interfere with the basic functionality. It also helps you launch your app faster, and it is especially crucial in a cutthroat market.

All you need to do is get in touch with the company specializing in the creation and customization of Gojek clone apps. They will take care to understand your business requirement and embellish the white label app with the features, so you can launch your multi-service app business without any delay or uncertainty.

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