Tech Zahr Scholarship Oppurtunity

Tech Zahr wants to offer a $1,000 scholarship to help students who is interested in Technology. If you are eager to learn and want to change your life
If interested, please tell us your story. In 500-1,000 story about your self along with why we should choose you. Note:Always add your background

We wants to help kick start your journey toward discovering a better life. For many, education is a vital part of the process. We believe that this scholarship will motivate you in achieving your goals
Please submit your story by October 31, 2020 and we will be awarding a well-deserving student with our $1,000 scholarship by December 20, 2020. E-mail all submissions to [email protected].

About Tech Zahr
Tech Zahr is a leading Tech Website who aims to enlighten every body with latest technology.
We provide all the latest guides about internet and technology. Our Mission is to teach every body abou latest changes in world related to technology.