Luxury Car Rental Dubai

 Luxury Car Rental Dubai

Whether you want your car for a date with your partner, a late-night cruise with the gang, or just a simple road trip with the family, we got you covered. Your dream car is just one click away from being parked right under your house. VIP is Your Gateway to Great Deals for Car Rentals in Dubai. is one of Dubai’s largest car dealer companies that provides a substantial collection of cars in various styles, performances, and deals. Since you’re visiting or already a resident of the great city of Dubai, then a car rental in Dubai is somewhat essential to benefit from your stay here. The deposit will be refunded when the rental agreement has been completed.

Apart from offering a wide choice of cars, we also give customers the option to customize their rent a car Dubai with attachments such as Bluetooth, power windows, baby seats, and more. Also, as our name suggests, we offer a quick and efficient solution to your travel needs within Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Whether it be for a day or a long-term period, customers can be guaranteed to receive the best price for the rental vehicle of their choosing.

Exotic Car Rental In Dubai

Currently, Auto Rent offers doorstep delivery of cars booked for lease for a minimal additional charge of AED 50. The huge fleet of 800+ cars under our banner come from the leading brands and manufacturers in the market. From Nissan to Toyota, Hyundai, and even the latest ones, we provide fully vetted cars that you can depend on the road. Our one-stop-shop gives you innumerable options to choose from and each and every vehicle goes through strict quality control practices.

If you are planning to rent exotic cars or luxury vehicles for your trip in Dubai, you should never compromise on the availability of the old models. You can have a flashy Lamborghini or magnificent Porsche without roaming from one showroom to other. However, the expenses which are not covered by the insurance company are borne by the driver.

Located Across Dubai

There are several reasons as to why you should seek the services of a car rental company in the UAE. Loud, ambitious, and colorful, the country’s futuristic enigma attracts visitors from all across the globe. Whether you are resident or tourist, you will want to be independent during your travels within the Emirates.

Economy car rental from a great car company is what you need. Keeping everything sleek and keen is what these simple cars resemble. A low-profile convertible like the Mazda 6 will provide you a convenient experience and serve as your trusted steed. You need to consider that the SUV car you will rent will be your means of transportation for either a long-term or just a few days, depending on your car lease Dubai deal.

Reserve A Car

The way to get the best deal is to browse offers from many car rental companies together on Get in touch with the company that’s offering your desired car and book directly. Schedule the car delivery as per your flight landing time and the driver will be at the airport parking waiting for you.

Our rent a car with driver network have a fleet of luxury and economical cars. You can hire cars with driver on daily weekly or monthly basis on cheap rental rates. We are available 24/7 to handle all of your executive travel needs in Dubai as well as all around the UAE. Ezhire has great car’s fleet which consists of all types of cars. The rental charges are very reasonable and one can get the car without a security deposit. You can hire luxury or economy cars with driver at cheap car rental rates in Dubai.

  • It’s helpful when you come to a strange city, it is very difficult to reach constructed roads, school areas, or business areas at a given time.
  • Therefore, full documentation and licences must be available before the car handover is complete.
  • In case any defect or damage occurs after renting a car in Dubai, the cost will be included in the final payment.
  • All comments, feedback and concerns are 100% confidential.
  • At Al Emad Cars we have in place an exclusive car rental offer to cater to the travel needs of educators within the country.

It is always best to ask us regarding insurance and other details before you rent a car in Dubai. For those looking at a yearly rental option we have very attractive Dubai car rental packages on a wide range of all-terrain and utility vehicles. One World’s pricing for these rental options are very competitive and have been combined with a host of special benefits so that you get a great deal. Select your favorite car, book and enjoy the ride in the perfect smooth Dubai roads.

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