3 Innovative and Tricky Ideas for Cheating in Exams

 3 Innovative and Tricky Ideas for Cheating in Exams

Being a student myself, I know how hard it is to tackle the examination situation. There are threats and stress always to get high grades for future promotion. The fear of failure and facing our parents is always giving us tension. All these and other situations lead students to get help from cheating. It is the only way to reduce stress and be happy for exams.

It is not a fact that only dumb students took cheating as their first choice always. Many other students get hyper and forget what they have learned. In those cases, seeking supervising is sometimes helpful. We are here to tell you some innovative tricks for the solution to cheating methods and the fear of being caught. All these are personally followed and never seen by my teacher. So let’s have a look at these methods;

  • Making small chits and hiding them in the belt

Our first and most tricky idea is making small chits or sticky notes. You can also use your notebook’s paper and fold it to make it too tiny to hide under the belt. Make sure that you write those answers, which are essential from an examination point of view. Because the more pieces you hide there would be more difficult for you to be normal.

The second thing here is that tighten your belt to that level where it becomes easy to pull off your notes and push in. Practice on your home while sitting on a chair. Take a hand on your ankle or belt side and write with your other hand. Now bring out your note and again hide it under your belt quickly. Once you practice nicely, you won’t be caught in exams.

  • Using cheating cameras

The second most using and smart idea is using cheating cameras. If you are not familiar with them, let me explain here. Let me consider that there is a camera pentru copiat, a tiny hidden camera. What you have to do is configure it with your mobile device. Once it is connected to it, contact your friend you want to take help from. Ask him to thoroughly view the video that is being sent to him from that tiny camera.

It would capture all the words and brackets too clearly that you did not need to speak the topic or tag line. Your friend would easily read it and supervise you through headphones. There you may also need air dots in skin color, similar to ear machines. It happens when you have to ask your partner. When you are helping others with writing, you don’t need to speak. It would copy your paper and would be sharing it with the other candidate. There is no chance of being caught with such a smart idea. This camera would look like your T-shirt button, and no one would doubt it.

  • Writing on a face mask

As you know the situation of the environment. Everyone is getting sick with the Covid-19 fatal virus. Therefore a mask becomes necessary while you are going outside or taking exams. If your exams are held on campus, you must take a face mask and participate in exams. That face mask could be your cheating partner in exams.

What you have to do is to write down all the notes in small characters. It would cover less space and make it wider to write other things. Now be sure to have two similar face masks. The clean one would be worn while going through checking. And the second one would be thoroughly replaced with that one. Take a look around that either your teacher is noticing you. If he is not, then put it down to your eyes and start writing what you want.


Cheating is not a choice. Sometimes it makes us do cheating unwillingly. So don’t take it negatively and follow these ideas to get higher scores. Also, make sure that you are a quick and smart person to look around you and your cheating materials. Otherwise, you won’t get success with any method. In conclusion, work hard for your exams and never make it a habit to do cheating. Prevent yourself from such a fatal habit that would only give you a loss, not a success.

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