How can I use the Urologist Email List to increase my email deliverability?

Email deliverability measures how successfully your emails are placed in your recipients’ inboxes. Understanding the importance of inbox placement rates and how to optimize it can improve your marketing campaign’s efficiency. Do you know what factors affect email deliverability? Do you know how to improve it? Continue reading to find some answers and useful suggestions.

Before you start executing an email campaign, mailbox providers run email reputation checks. They generate a score based on several complex aspects that determine the email deliverability, including the quality of the urologist marketing contact database containing the subscribers’ email addresses. We’ll elaborate more on the benefits of Healthcare Mailing’s email lists later in the article.

Factors affecting email deliverability

  1. Email lists

Exercise caution while sending emails to addresses from readymade lists. If your email list contains addresses obtained without the visitor’s knowledge, they can blacklist your emails. If a single email address is invalid, it can increase your hard bounce rate and lower the deliverability. Consider buying a verified urologist email list from reputed data providers, such as Healthcare Mailing, who process and store subscriber data in keeping with CAN-SPAM, CASL, and GDPR guidelines.

  1. Sender reputation

It is the reputation of the email address from which you send your emails. It depends on the number of emails sent from your domain and IP address and the email volume sent on a daily and lifetime basis. It is important to maintain a positive sender reputation and not get flagged as spam for your emails to be delivered into the recipients’ inbox. The best practices include a consistent volume of emails, fewer bounces, no spam traps, and no blacklists.

  1. Domain reputation

It is the reputation of the domain you use to send emails. A new domain is considered suspicious by default as it takes time to build your reputation. Start by warming up the emails by sending a few emails daily and gradually increasing the number. 50 emails per day is a good number, but going from 50 to 500 emails per day will notify your service provider’s anti-spam filter.

  1. Quality of Content

Emails that are relevant to the subscribers and provide value positively impact email deliverability. Good content with good designs plays a significant role in ensuring your emails pass the spam filters. A urologist mailing list provides sufficient subscriber data to personalize your messages and build rapport with your subscribers. If you use spam-like language in your content, your email will be sent straight to the spam folder without notice.

  1. Permission

All your efforts in creating and sending strategically-timed emails will be in vain if the emails are delivered to the inboxes, but the recipients do not read them. Always obtain the subscribers’ consent before you send emails promoting your brand. Also, provide an unsubscribe button so that if they no longer find your emails relevant, they can opt-out instead of sending your email to the spam folder. The most common method is double opt-in, where a confirmation email is sent to the subscriber, and a confirmation link is generated after they verify the email belongs to them.

  1. Segmentation

Keeping track of subscribers’ interests and giving them exactly what they want is cumbersome, but not if you segment the subscribers into subsets with common interests. In the case of urologists, pediatric and adult urologists will have greatly different needs and require different marketing approaches. Customizing your strategies to each segment will help you address specific pain points and gain your subscribers’ trust. Healthcare Mailing provides a wide range of urologist mailing addresses pre-segmented by specialty-

  • Andrologists Email Addresses
  • Urology Nurses Mailing List
  • Urogynecologists Email List
  • Urology Specialist Email Database
  • Urology Physicians Mailing List

Benefits of using Healthcare Mailing’s verified urologists email addresses

Healthcare Mailing’s authentic lists have helped clients reach 85-90% guaranteed email deliverability and increased engagement rates. We have compiled the top benefits as stated by our clients-

  • 7-step stringent database QC (Quality Checks) ensures no duplicates enter the database and every data entry is verified from trustworthy sources.


  • Regular updates every 45 days eliminate old and unused email addresses that only harm your sender reputation.


  • 35+ attributes to customize the urologists contact database and filter the subscribers with a higher chance of converting.


  • Customized data delivered in 24-72 hours in file formats that integrate easily into the CRM without additional technical expertise.


  • No resale guarantee on customized lists gives you complete control over the data and unlimited usage rights.


  • Written list replacement guarantees if the inconsistencies and duplicates exceed the permissible limit.

Our clients have shared their feedback, saying that our urologist email list has helped them find and prioritize the right people for their marketing campaign. They have appreciated the support desk for being quick to answer questions and have returned multiple times to conduct business with us.

Robin Williams

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