5 Hidden LMS Features Every Company Must Know

 5 Hidden LMS Features Every Company Must Know

Nowadays, plenty of small and medium business establishments invest in learning management systems to train their employees on different aspects of their operations. Some would choose LMS tools like Talent LMS due to their numerous features like content creation and reporting capacities. All of these features can help the trainees learn more about the subject being discussed.

If your company intends to get the most out of your Talent LMS tool, here are the other lesser-known features that can do wonders for your staff’s training to enhance their contributions to your business.

#1: Extensible Profiles 

While Talent LMS may not be considered a complete customer relationship management (CRM) platform, it can still provide several rare functionalities. One of which is the Extensible Profiles, where you can include custom fields to the user profiles. It will let you use this information to monitor the user’s data beyond the standard account information. It will also let you filter the user list, create reports, and print them in certificates.

#2: BYOJ 

Most contemporary workplaces are allowing their staff to practice the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy. It lets the staff bring their own computer gadgets like laptops and tablets so they can work comfortably. It is the same principle implemented by Talent LMS when it launched the Bring Your Own Javascript (BYOJ). It means the staff can upload their own Javascript code and execute it on all your eLearning portal pages. If your staff can maximize this feature, it can pave the way for plenty of opportunities to personalize your company’s Talent LMS portal’s behavior.

#3: User Types 

Some companies already know that there are several built-in user roles included in the Talent LMS system, including the Administrator who is responsible for setting up and configuring the eLearning portal and user management, the Instructor who handles course creation and learner management, and the Learner role who is responsible for learning the courses. However, not everyone knows that they can define their own roles under the User Type feature. It will let you broaden the built-in roles and customize them according to your needs.

#4: Mass Actions 

There are several management tasks in Talent LMS and most LMS platforms that may seem repetitive and take a lot of time, especially if you have to do the same thing for many users. Fortunately, there is a Mass Actions feature that automatically performs the same tasks involving multiple users. It includes enrolling numerous students in a single course, adding or removing them from a group, or sending the same messages to some people.

#5: File Sharing

Sharing files with other trainees is crucial to help each other understand the training better. But not everyone knows that this LMS allows easier file sharing within the group. It can be done through the Files Library or attach those files directly to the user’s profile for instant sharing. You may also upload and share various files with other members of a certain Group or Branch to allow easier file distribution without any hassles. You only need to click the Branch/Group to edit it, and then go to the Files option to upload your desired files and make them visible for other users.

By learning all these unpopular yet very useful features, you can assure that your Talent LMS investment will provide the best benefit for you and your company.

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