purchase our detailed list of doctors to take your revenue on an upward trajectory.

 purchase our detailed list of doctors to take your revenue on an upward trajectory.

Why does segmentation matter in email marketing?

When racing against time, a segmented list of doctors is the fuel that gives your marketing campaigns the boost they need. Dividing the audience into smaller groups with shared traits makes it easier to tailor the campaigns for each group. Similarly, breaking the list into segments helps to personalize your messages to each segment and individual members within the segment. You can send more relevant messages that resonate with the prospective customers and address their unique needs.

Segmentation is important because of the diverse nature of the audience. When prospective customers have different backgrounds, a one-size-fits-all approach will not work. No two organizations have the same modus operandi, so you need to ensure that your messages catch and sustain the prospect’s interest. Targeting the segments where you can create the most impact can improve your performance statistics and email deliverability.

How do I segment the doctors lists?

Different types of email segmentation can deepen your understanding of the audience – demographic, psychographic, geographic, and behavioral.

Demographic segmentation is the most basic type: name, age, occupation, and income. Psychographic segmentation includes psychological characteristics influencing audience behavior, including interests and lifestyle.

Geographic factors include country, region, zip code, and time zone and are more suitable for businesses at multiple locations globally. Behavioral factors include the prospects’ actions that provide hints about their interests and past activities – email open rates, click-through rates, website interaction, and purchase history.

What is the benefit of selling to a targeted audience?

The size and revenue of a company influence its budget and buying capability. Categorizing companies by industry sector helps you tailor emails to their company profile. But, by identifying which stage of the sales funnel your prospects are in, you can adjust these emails to ensure they advance to the next step.

If your prospects are new to your brand, you need to gain their trust with informational content highlighting your knowledge and skills. You can then follow it with product-focused content. As the prospects continue the interaction, you can offer them a free trial and take them one step away from conversion.

Who can I target with the segmented doctor email lists?

You need a doctors contact list separated by specialization. A doctor treating children will have different requirements than a doctor trained in treating older patients. Sending both groups the same messages will not increase your email response. Instead, it may backfire and lead to you being marked as spam.

There are sub-categories even within a certain specialty. For example, dentists are divided based on their expertise in dealing with the teeth, gums, nerves, and jaw. And each area requires different tools and equipment. We provide a segmented doctors email address list that addresses the intricacies involved –

  • Pediatrician Mailing List
  • Orthodontist Mailing List
  • Dermatologist Mailing List
  • Canadian Dentist Email List
  • Geriatrician Email List

What benefits do I get from a targeted US doctors email list?

The most important benefit of a targeted doctor database is accessing the contact details of global prospects who will be receptive to your marketing message. Buying a permission-passed list means you waste less time and resources on people not interested in your offer. You get a head-start on the lead generation process along with workable data that can help optimize your future campaigns to achieve more conversions.

Buying a doctors email from Healthcare Mailing means getting GDPR-compliant data that enhances your cybersecurity and improves data management. We audit the data to eliminate redundant, obsolete, and trivial details that do not contribute value. In the process, we slash costs and provide you with bonus time that you can use to focus on landing and successfully closing lucrative deals.

Our legally compliant email lists provide several benefits –

  • 100% email deliverability
  • Privacy compliance- GDPR and CCPA
  • 1 million+ validated doctor emails
  • DNC-compliant contact numbers
  • 100% data ownership

Why is it better to buy Healthcare Mailing’s doctor email list database?

Healthcare Mailing follows industry-established procedures to validate the doctors details before building the database. We conduct stringent 7-step quality checks and cross-verify the data against more than 16,000 authentic sources, including medical journals and government databases. We update the database every 45 days to enrich it with the latest information and increase its responsiveness. We deliver the data in .xls and .csv files that fit perfectly into your CRM and require no technological investment from your end. You can avail of our many client-friendly policies –

  • Written list replacement guarantee
  • 24-48 hours of data delivery
  • Dedicated account manager
  • 24/7 customer assistance
  • Data credits if the bounce rate exceeds 90%

You get a no resale guarantee on your customized lists and unlimited data usage rights from Healthcare Mailing. You get data credits if the number of irregularities found in the database exceeds the assured limit. You can sign up for a free sample to test the accuracy of the prospect’s email addresses. You may visit our official website for further details on how to purchase the doctors emails or contact our 24/7 customer support.


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