Craft the Perfect Thank-You Email For Your Virtual Event.

 Craft the Perfect Thank-You Email For Your Virtual Event.

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Do you like to thank-you notes? We surely do, and we know your attendees will like it too. We mean that it always feels good to know that your presence matters to the organizers. Also, expressing gratitude to your attendees has always boosted the well-being of the senders and recipients. Hence, sending thank you notes or emails to the attendees can help you boost relationships with them. 

But, one of the biggest challenges that lie in curating and sending thank you emails to the attendees is there are fewer chances that people will actually open your emails. Do you? The reason is the high number of emails we get everyday.

So, how do you make sure that the attendees you are sending thank you emails open those mails and give them a read? 

For that, you need to stay with us till the end and learn how to curate compelling and interesting thank you emails. 

  • It All Lies in Your Subject Line: 

Studies suggest that a regular working professional receives around 120 emails per day. Do you think they read all those emails? And, now calculate the probability of them opening your email; Almost nil. A person will only open your email if they find the subject line compelling enough. Hence, always focus on creating a compelling subject line. It is what will take your recipients to open it and give it a read. As per data, almost 47% of emails are opened and given a read on the basis of their subject line. Also, while writing the subject line of the email, keep it short and specific. Also, add a personal touch to it, it will help the recipients relate to it, and they will definitely give it a read. 

  • Show Gratitude: 

Moving onto the next element of the email, the body, express your gratitude towards your attendees. Make them feel that their presence is highly appreciated, and you are absolutely grateful for the same. While writing the email body, try to keep it short and concise. Inserting long paragraphs into your body won’t help, and your attendees will only take a glance at it or skip it altogether. Not only this, but you can also add promotional content and market your brand through the emails. Also, you can add images to it. But, while doing so, make sure you don’t end up adding too many images to it. It might get your email marked as promotional, and there are high chances they will land up in spam boxes. Hence, before sending emails, make sure you roll out some test emails to check if they are landing in the inbox only. 

In addition, below are some tips you can consider while curating the subject of your email. 

  • Always consider your brand’s tone, and keep it that way in the email. Though it is always advisable to keep it professional, everything in extreme can have a negative impact. Not only this, don’t try to be too friendly with the attendees or be too blunt or cold. 
  • Also, keep it very simple and to the point. It is advisable to play with words, but not too much. Also, be straightforward and upfront. Tell the attendees that you are grateful for their presence. 
  • In addition, add a quick recap of the event in the mail. You can also add a video with all the highlights of the event. On top of that, persuade your attendees to share something positive about the event on their social media channels. 
  • At last, add a clear CTA in the mail. Also, place it high enough so that the attendees don’t have to scroll too far down the email. 
  • Add CTA: 

The next thing you should do is add a clear and compelling CTA to the email, which encourages people to act and make decisions. Also, the key lies in not overwhelming the attendees with too many CTAs. While adding the CTA, make sure you compel the readers to stay in touch with your brand. True to its name, the CTA encourages the attendees to take action and move a step further with your brand. While drafting the CTA, keep the language action-oriented, compelling, and straightforward. 

  • Don’t Ignore Your Sponsors and Exhibitors: 

You can’t host a successful virtual event without the help of your sponsors, exhibitors, and most importantly, your team. So, while thanking your attendees for their presence, don’t forget all those who helped you make the event successful. We are sure you would need them for the execution of your future events as well. Hence, you should always thank them for sticking by your side. They will like this gesture of yours, and would want to be a part of your team in the future also. While thanking your team members, address their contribution and how they have helped you in the success of your event. 

Sending thank you emails to your attendees is a great way to form communities and boost engagement with your brand. Not to mention, they help you build a personal connection with your audience. Also, using a suitable customizable virtual event platform, you can send automated emails to the attendees seamlessly and efficiently.

If you are looking forward to hosting immersive virtual events, and expanding the reach of your brand, you can get your hands on an expert virtual event platform and deliver noteworthy online events. It will help you expand your horizon, and connect with a global audience, all at once. 

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