10 Must Have Advanced Features in Shopify Store

Today, customer experience defines whether a customer will come back for their next purchase or not. If you want to grow your business or improve your brand image/value, repeat customers are a must.

To offer the best online experience, your store must have all the advanced and latest features that can provide convenience and answers to what they are looking for.

We have made this a little easier for you and listed down some must-have features in your Shopify store.

  1. Choice of Delivery Date

Customers like to have a choice, be it in products or delivery dates. They don’t want you to decide when you can deliver their order. They like to choose the date and time that best fits their availability. 

Shopify does not offer such a feature where you can allow your customers to choose the delivery date and time. That is why you need the Shopify delivery date app. 

This app, when integrated with your Shopify store, allows your customer to choose the delivery date and time. In the backend, the admin has full rights on which delivery date they want to show, block the dates the store is closed, restrict the number of orders for a delivery date or time slot, and much more.

The app also lets you choose from different types of delivery options like standard delivery, store pickup, and local delivery.

All these options are fully configurable, meaning you can configure the available delivery dates and times. You can also configure the app to match your store theme.

  1. Multiple Payment Options

Due to intense competition, the cost of acquiring new customers is rising. If you lose a sale because there aren’t enough payment choices available can impact the growth of your eCommerce company.

If you have multiple payment options:

  • There will be an increase in conversion rates
  • Less cart abandonment
  • Backup option if one payment method is not working

Every country has its own preferred way of payment. Look out for options that your customers would prefer more and integrate those with the Shopify store.

  1. Customer Service and AI Chatbots

Make a personal connection with your customers if you want to win their loyalty. It is not feasible to speak with every consumer on your own, but you can hire customer service representatives.

They will make customers feel heard, improving the customer experience, promoting brand loyalty. It is important to ensure that the questions from customers are answered fairly.

The other popular and fast option to serve customers is Chatbots.

Businesses have now started using chatbots with AI to answer customers’ questions. Chatbots have numerous advantages like quick turnaround times, reduced response times, and the need for fewer staff members to serve the same volume of clients.

  1. Web Push Notifications

Lately, brands have been really creative when it comes to sending notifications to their customers. They intrigue you enough to look at the products so you may order them.

Web push notifications let you communicate with customers even while they aren’t visiting your online store.

This feature can significantly grow your business and offer up a whole new universe of engagement options. You don’t have to get this feature developed, there are so many ready-to-implement apps  available in the market.

  1. Social Media Integrations

Social media platforms are a way of building your customer’s trust. Customers will feel more connected if you post photos and videos frequently and keep the social media community buzzing about it.

Social media integration helps Shopify customers who aren’t already familiar with your brand to learn more about it.

You can incorporate social media handles with your online store in two ways:

  1. Social widgets Homepage feed
  2. Integrating social media feedback


  1. Sort and Filters

Customers are more likely to switch to another online store if you don’t have filters that find exactly what they’re looking for. It is important to offer sort and filter options if you want to stop customers from leaving your store.

Some of the sorting and filtering options that you can offer are:

  • Price can be sorted from high to low, low to high, or a specific price range
  • Sort products according to where they are available, such as Florida, Nevada, Arizona, etc.
  • Sort results based on the amount of the discount being offered (10%, 15%, 20%, etc.)
  • Filter results by color or style 
  • Filter by technology – operating system, hardware, & version, etc
  • And much more.
  1. Review and Rating

Consumers rely extensively on reviews and ratings from other customers to authenticate the information supplied by brands. It assists them in making their purchase decisions because they are unable to touch and feel things while buying them online. 

As a result, brands now have two crucial duties to complete: 

  • They must make sure that they enable and encourage customers to rate their goods and services
  • They must make sure that these evaluations and ratings are prominently shown on the website
  1. FAQs

Brands must create an easy-to-find and even easier-to-navigate FAQ area in order to create a thorough purchasing experience. It is important to stop visitors from leaving the website in search of answers.

FAQs can be utilized to give important information and respond to the most frequent inquiries potential clients could have about their goods or services. The why, when, and where of your product or brand must be covered in FAQs.

  1. Multiple Language Option

If you want to attract more customers all over the globe, your store must be in a language that they understand the most. You can quickly lose a customer if they don’t understand what is written.

Translating the store to the native language of the visitor’s country or state is of utmost importance. You can integrate an app that will auto-translate product details and other descriptions, information, and policy in your store.

  1. Zipcode Validation

What is most disheartening than realizing during checkout that the product you liked the most cannot be delivered to your location?

But if you have a zip code validator on each product page and on your home page, customers can instantly find out whether the product they like can be delivered to their location or not.


You don’t need a development team to add these features to your store. All these features can be added in form of apps to your Shopify store. There are a lot of development companies that sell ready-to-implement apps on the Shopify store. Find the one that is within your budget and has advanced features and improves the online experience of your customers. 

Robin Williams

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